About a month ago, I submitted a column to WND under the title “Justice that arrives like a thunderbolt,” but the editors changed it to “Bill Barr about to drop the hammer on vote fraud,” probably because I devoted several paragraphs to defending Barr’s apparent inaction on the election fraud scandals as a common prosecutor tactic in complex conspiracy cases.

Prosecutors and investigators need to let the conspiracy fully mature before they round up the crooks, and they can’t tip their hand prematurely. Letting himself look like a deep-state sell-out is actually great cover for Barr in the current political climate if he really intends to drop the hammer on them.

In point of fact, however, the “justice” I was implying would soon strike like lightning was not the Justice Department, but the U.S. Supreme Court justices, in that I knew Trump’s strategy was always to win a dramatic vindication at SCOTUS, and I’ve figured out how Trump fights and wins his battles. More on that below.

But I quietly accepted the “Bill Barr hammer drop” headline (despite the increasingly noisy anti-Barr conservative consensus) as a possible Holy Spirit nudge telling me that my instinct on Barr is correct, and that he will be shown to be a White Hat, not a Black Hat when all is said and done. I could be wrong, but I’m still giving him the benefit of the doubt – for another week or so – because I believe as of Monday we’re beginning to see the culmination phase of the Trump shock and awe strategy, which might very well include action by Bill Barr.

I first explained Trump’s trap-setting strategy in my article “President Trump’s October surprise party” relating to the Hunter Biden laptop scandals. And I (correctly) predicted in the Bill Barr hammer drop column how the same strategy would play out against the election fraud conspirators: step one being grandiose Trumpian rhetoric about a massive election fraud conspiracy, intentionally backed initially by minimal inconclusive evidence to bait the Trump haters into triumphal mockery and cockiness, and to draw all the hidden players out into the open in the false assurance that the coup had succeeded and Biden would be president.

Then would come (as the past four weeks has proved) a slow, steady buildup by Trump of the quantity and quality of evidence, forcing Big Media and Big Tech to steadily increase their censorship and misrepresentation in the hope of suppressing it all long enough to run out the “election deadlines” clock they presumed (based on tradition) was legally binding – but in the process sticking their own necks out further and further over the chopping block.

Then, once all the crooks were assembling for a victory toast as their conspiracy fully matured with the certification of all the fraudulent election returns (which has only just happened), Trump would drop the Mother of All Bombs.

The Trump MOAB, dropped on Monday, is the Texas lawsuit against Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, which, as of this moment, six states have formally joined, with 17 signing on to a friend-of-the-court brief. The timing is perfect in that the several evidence-based lawsuits alleging criminal election fraud have finally arrived at the high court. The Texas case itself is perfect in that it is a matter of pure constitutional law over which SCOTUS has original jurisdiction. Indeed it is so perfect that I predict even John Roberts will vote with the conservative majority, because it solves the election crisis without the court having to take a stance on the validity of the allegations of fraud – allegations which, though absolutely true, are inextricably bound up in partisan politics.

This is not say that SCOTUS will rule against Trump on the other suits, but if it rules for him, those opinions will very likely be 5-4, while the Texas case could (conceivably) be unanimous – and, indeed, there could be horse-trading going on even now by the liberal justices to limit the court’s action to just the Texas complaint. The best America’s liberals might get from this mess is the chance to decry partisan politics in the state legislatures’ pick of swing state electors following the invalidation of their elections, and avoiding a formal court ruling on the fraud itself.

With the 2020 election crisis resolved, it would then fall to all the legislative bodies in the coming months and years to finally reform election law so nothing like this can ever happen again. And, of course, that would happen pretty much nationwide under a second Trump administration. The people would NOT be happy that the court had failed to hold the crooks accountable, but if that anger were directed into forcing the legislators to make the necessary reforms, the end result would be a restoration of citizen rule (a vindication of the genius of the Constitution) – the best possible outcome.

And nothing would be able to stop the newly empowered citizenry from forcing their government to prosecute the criminals as a second step of the process – so long as the statute of limitations had not expired on their crimes.

Now, that’s putting the best possible spin on what would nevertheless be a big disappointment if SCOTUS dodged its responsibility to punish the treasonous criminals who took us to the brink of national collapse. And that disappointment would extend to Barr and Durham if the critics are right and they really are deep-state sell-outs.

But what I really expect we’re going to see – even before Christmas – is a major national house-cleaning in which all the people Trump has invested himself in, including Barr and his three Supreme Court picks, actually put America first – above all political considerations – and just do the right thing!

That would be the best-case scenario and truly the fulfillment of Donald Trump’s promise to Make America Great Again. And in his second term after that comeback we would undoubtedly be able to drain the swamp, purge the Marxists and give the nation back to the people.

It’s not over yet, but as of right now, things are looking pretty hopeful.

One last comment on Barr. If he does drop the hammer, I predict it will come in the form of releasing the Durham report immediately after Trump’s SCOTUS win on the Texas case, just as the battle shifts to the House: to guarantee that all the Republican state legislatures have the highest level of motivation to distance themselves from the anti-Trump conspiracy Durham will expose in stunning detail and clarity.

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