The 'trigger event' for civil chaos: Is it imminent?

During frank conversations with fellow patriotic Americans over the past 20 years or so, someone would occasionally refer to a point in time when life as we know it will turn very bad very quickly. At first, this cryptic event only came up in conversations with “preppers,” a name for people preparing for the collapse of civilization. As time went on, though, the matter came up in more discussions with others. There has been an increasing fear, or at least a resignation, that certain aspects of American life are simply unsustainable. The national debt, the growing welfare state and the ever-widening cultural gap between liberals in urban areas and conservatives in the rest of America are just a few examples of big problems that are only getting more severe.

During the Cold War, the doomsday scenario involved a nuclear war with the Soviets. Now, the riots, looting and violence in certain American cities this year gave Americans a preview of what we can expect when the basic services of a functioning government suddenly stop and citizens are on their own. The riots began in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd during an arrest, but then spread to other large cities and morphed into a more generic protest by an assortment of leftist groups against America. It was all very opportunistic, as though the hodgepodge of agitators were just looking for a reason to smash windows, tear down various monuments and attack police. The riots and random protests eventually diminished, but six months of riots demonstrated how a single incident in one city can act as a trigger for mayhem and social breakdown in other places where tensions are already simmering. The monthly record-setting pace of gun sales and concealed carry applications shows Americans have taken notice and are taking the threat seriously.

The big question on a lot of minds is this: What will be the trigger event for even larger civil unrest? For the collapse of government function on a regional or national level?

Will it be an economic collapse? COVID shutdowns have devastated small business and put millions of Americans out of work. There is a reckoning coming where governments at every level see revenue from income taxes, property taxes and sales tax greatly diminished. As businesses shut their doors and commercial property sits empty, not only will they not be paying all kinds of taxes, but commercial real estate value may collapse as a glut of vacant property lowers lease values. The combination of people working from home and the lawless destruction of businesses are two more factors expected to drive down demand for commercial real estate. Owners holding mortgages on those properties could find it difficult or impossible to make payments on property either sitting empty or leased at a greatly reduced rate. The same applies to residential real estate. The staggering unemployment levels during shutdowns will make it impossible for many Americans to make their mortgage payments. If the economy falters and people are homeless, things could go bad quickly. Increasing public debt to hand out stimulus money is no substitute for a healthy economy.

Since Election Day, the divergent cultures of liberal and conservative America have actually grown further apart. The vote-counting irregularities in Democrat-controlled cities in targeted states – that conveniently flipped for Joe Biden – are not even covered by major media, even though they are important matters for conservatives. There is a growing sentiment that leftists in the government are out of control and feel comfortable accommodating obvious, large-scale fraud, secure in the knowledge major media will ignore the matter and help them dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. This is simply the latest in a long-running series of events making many Americans believe there is a two-tier system of accountability, one for liberal elites and one for everybody else. Official Washington completely ignoring the bombshell evidence of Biden family corruption was in stark contrast to the never-ending scrutiny and baseless allegations against President Trump and anyone close to him.

Before the Biden scandal, Americans learned the Obama administration weaponized the Department of Justice, the FBI and national intelligence assets to spy on an opposing presidential campaign, without consequence. Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was illegally unmasked by numerous Obama officials snooping on his phone calls, entrapped by corrupt FBI agents and then prosecuted by Obama cronies who unlawfully withheld exculpatory evidence in his criminal case. To date, nobody has been held accountable for the shocking political abuse of the justice system in the vendetta against Flynn.

Flynn’s prosecution follows the non-prosecution of Hillary Clinton for mishandling thousands of classified documents, her use of an illegal personal email server and the destruction of tens of thousands of emails, computers and cellphones under subpoena. Add this to Lois Lerner’s use of the IRS to harass Obama’s political opponents and several other acts of misconduct where liberals were never held accountable, along with the non-prosecution of rioters and looters in several cities, and it is easy to see tensions reaching a boiling point with Americans who feel the left is free to commit crimes while using the justice system to persecute their political opponents. If the left is allowed to commit egregious fraud to steal an election, it may take away the last hope of many Americans for peacefully addressing grievances.

If the constitutional process works out and Trump wins reelection, many expect the left to return to rioting. If the outrageous abnormalities of election night are allowed to stand and Joe Biden becomes president, ordinary Americans may find themselves in a position where there are no other options than to adopt the playbook of the left. In any event, it appears the “trigger event” so many have expected may turn out to be a combination things culminating in one, designated date.

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