The truth about 'breakthrough' infections post-vaccine

One of many COVID pandemic falsehoods is that if people just get vaccinated, all will be well for the individual and the nation. This is pure deceit. Why is the government feverishly spewing out this message? One simple reason, namely to promote even more vaccination. In the fight against vaccine hesitancy and rejection, the government must keep reassuring the public that once you get vaccinated you are home free.

So why is the government now mandating masking even for the vaccinated and in some places more lockdowns? Aside from a huge amount of data on deaths (now more than 50,000) and injuries from the experimental vaccines themselves, there is big media suppression of data on how the vaccinated are suffering from reinfection, called breakthrough infections.

You may hear that getting reinfected after vaccination is better than not getting vaccinated and getting COVID for the first time. But this argument fails to fully acknowledge all the deaths and serious injuries from getting any experimental vaccine in the first place.

To see the truth about breakthrough reinfection a close look at data is necessary.

According to CDC, “as of July 19, 2021, more than 161 million people in the United States had been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. During the same time, CDC received reports from 49 U.S. states and territories of 5,914 patients with COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infection who were hospitalized or died.” A newer CDC report said that “as of July 26 there were 6,587 breakthrough cases of the 163 million Americans who’ve been fully vaccinated.” Of that total, 6,239 people were hospitalized and 1,263 died, according to the data. That is a lot of Americans who never expected to get hit by COVID after being vaccinated.

For a number of reasons, that is surely an under-counting. As of June 1, CDC stopped gathering data on breakthrough infections for people not hospitalized or dying but many with COVID symptoms. Indeed, even the New York Times noted: “Of course, now, it looks like maybe it would have been a good thing to track them, just so we could at least say how much more frequent it is with Delta than with any other variant.”

Importantly, an earlier CDC publication noted “10,262 COVID-19 vaccine breakthrough infections identified in the United States during just January–April 2021.” In other words, when all the breakthrough infections were counted the total was about twice as high as now being counted. The real total now is probably more like at least 12,000 and rising every day.

To get to greater truth it is necessary to examine some state data. This reveals just how seriously under-counted are the CDC breakthrough data.

Tennessee has reported 1,000 cases, and Massachusetts reported 5,000 cases. Those two populations (about 14 million) when extrapolated to the entire U.S. indicate a total of perhaps 143,000 breakthrough COVID cases. Not farfetched considering that many people would not have major symptoms or require hospitalization. It’s a relatively low but still very significant fraction of fully vaccinated Americans, especially when considering that those vaccinated people can be transmitting the virus to unvaccinated Americans and that many more are likely to get breakthrough infections.

In a smaller region in Massachusetts, CDC reported that for two weeks in July, out of 469 cases tied to gatherings at restaurants, bars and vacation homes, 74% were breakthrough infections in people who had been fully vaccinated. Four of these had to be hospitalized. Only one-third of the cases were genetically sequenced, and 90% were caused by the Delta variant or an offshoot of the strain. “Among persons with breakthrough infection, 274 (79%) reported signs or symptoms, with the most common being cough, headache, sore throat, myalgia, and fever.” All of these people, like most vaccinated Americans, thought they could go back to normal living. Imagine how angry they became with a new COVID infection.

The most important danger of breakthrough infections is death. If reinfection can kill just as getting COVID without vaccination does for a very tiny fraction of people, then looking at death data is critical. For those two states of Massachusetts and Tennessee, there were 107 reported breakthrough deaths; when extrapolated to the whole country it indicates a possible 2,550 deaths. What a catastrophe for people and their families who decided to listen to the government and get vaccinated.

To add still more truth to the misinformation coming from the government, consider that there have been many reports that vaccinated people are not being tested for COVID even when they are hospitalized for it and possibly dying from reinfection. The clear purpose of this charade is to make vaccination seem better than it really is and necessary even if you have natural immunity, which is as good or better than artificial immunity from experimental vaccines.

There are no good data on whether breakthrough infections are occurring for people with natural immunity who also got vaccinated. Critics of the experimental vaccines have noted safety issues with giving them to people with natural immunity. The drug companies that did the clinical trials for the experimental vaccines intentionally excluded people who had been infected with the COVID virus. Also, they only tested vaccinated people for just a few months and, therefore, would not have tracked reinfection over the longer term in real-world settings.

Also relevant is that new variants of the COVID virus may also cause more breakthrough infections.

Data from other countries also shed light on the problem.

Data from Israel found that “more than [new COVID] 3,000 cases – or approximately 40% – occurred in people who had received a COVID-19 vaccine.” The same fraction has been reported for U.K. Any indication by the government that the situation is very different for the U.S. is nonsense.

Data were just reported for 283 workers at two San Francisco hospitals. About 80% of the COVID cases had been fully vaccinated. Two workers required hospitalization.

It is important to stress that infected vaccinated people are now known to have the ability to transfer the virus to others.

What apologists are saying

There is no shortage of vaccine advocates who work hard to dismiss the problem of breakthrough infections.

Dr. David Dowdy said where there are more cases of COVID-19 and you’re having closer interactions with people, “then we expect more breakthrough infections – not because the vaccines aren’t working but just because people are being exposed [to the virus] more often.” In other words, attempts at normal living has risks for the vaccinated.

Dr. Leana Wen said something similar. She likened the vaccines to a very good raincoat. “If it’s drizzling outside, you’re going to be fine; you will be protected and not get wet. However, if you keep going in and out of thunderstorms, at some point you could get wet.” Here, too, beware of risks from normal living despite being vaccinated.

The perspective of vaccine advocates is that breakthrough infections are the fault of the unvaccinated spreading the virus, but this ignores the fact that those people are often just trying to avoid the serious medical impacts of taking the experimental vaccines and, moreover, that the vast majority of people suffer no serious medical problems even if they are initially infected.


Here is the distasteful bottom line. Choose between getting harmed if you get a jab of an experimental vaccine, or get harmed after you get vaccinated. What is not being widely said is that those who get natural immunity from being infected (and do not get vaccinated) have not shown any proclivity to get breakthrough infections. This means that natural immunity is more protective than artificial immunity conferred by experimental vaccines. Dr. Joseph Mercola has made a strong case that natural immunity is significantly more effective than the artificial immunity obtained from experimental COVID vaccines.

The eminent Dr. Peter McCullough has emphasized that a wiser pandemic strategy would have been to do only limited vaccinations on high-risk people, perhaps about 20 million people. That is, use vaccines for the elderly, health care workers and those with serious underlying medical problems. This strategy would have generated a large population without harmful vaccine impacts and effective natural immunity. But drug companies would not have supported this strategy because they could not make as much money.

McCullough also has always emphasized the use of early home/outpatient treatments using cheap, safe generics like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin as fully detailed in “Pandemic Blunder.” These should have been promoted by the government for unvaccinated people who got infected. He has said that these two generics “are as about effective as the vaccines in preventing acquiring COVID-19.” Also, “I think it’s a travesty we have 600,000 dead Americans. The vast majority did not get an ounce of treatment” – treatment that could have prevented over 500,000 COVID deaths.

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