The truth about the Arizona audit: It was <em>good</em> news!

The media did a number in their announcement last week that the Arizona Senate “affirmed” the results of the November presidential vote in Maricopa County.

It was a blatant attempt to cast aspersions on legislators who were challenging the claim that the BIG STEAL of the 2020 election did not occur.

The “affirmation” was based merely a recount of the total votes cast – illegal and legal – in Maricopa County.

Many who don’t watch the news with full discernment didn’t understand what was happening. And the reporting mostly was quick to point out the Joe Biden actually picked up a few votes. That was what the media played up big.

Here’s what is actually happening in Arizona – and it’s all good news!

The next stage of the review by the Arizona’s attorney general will look at the illegally cast votes – totaling an unbelievable 57,734 ballots! That was the determination of Cyber Ninjas, who conducted the audit. Compare that with the 10,457 vote differential that gave Biden the “victory.”

Maricopa County was ordered to “preserve all documents and data.”

The attorney general, U.S. Senate candidate Mark Brnovich, announced a review of the issue, and so did officials in the county.

“The Arizona Senate’s report that was released on Friday raises some serious questions regarding the 2020 election,” he explained. “Arizonans can be assured our office will conduct a thorough review of the information we receive.”

Ben Cotton, the founder of the digital forensics firm CyFIR, claimed in his presentation to the senators Friday that he has evidence that Maricopa County workers intentionally deleted data.

He said his team caught the election workers at the keyboards of computers in February purging results from the Election Management System the day before the audit began. His team, he said, captured screen shots and time stamps and has identified the workers.

The audience, despite instructions to remain silent during the presentations, erupted in applause when Cotton said he had the evidence.

The doubts about the Arizona results are just part of a series of problems clouding the 2020 results, when a handful of votes across six swing states supposedly gave the White House to Joe Biden.

Those swing states include Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nevada, in addition to Arizona. That’s where the votes were stolen, depriving President Trump of a deserved victory.

Problems that already were known to exist include that some election officials simply ignored or changed state law to accommodate mail-in ballots, but the Constitution allows only state lawmakers to make those changes.

That is what is happening in all those states!

Further, Facebook’s leftist Mark Zuckerberg handed out some $350 million to mostly leftist local and state election officials for them to run their 2020 operations, raising the question of undue influence.

But the media don’t give up! The media have much invested in the campaign hijinks – even Fox News simply doesn’t cover it and played a huge role in calling Arizona for Biden!

Fake news and its masters in Big Tech, which also played a role in the greatest electoral hoax in American history, are as culpable as the Democrats in the 2020 swindle.

Don’t lose heart! Be strong for your country. We must have a real election next year – and three years from now. If we don’t, we’re out of luck, and America is finished.

And most of all, we must pray for the country – and to keep Donald Trump at the top of his game!

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