The walking political disaster formerly known as Bruce Jenner

There comes a time in every season of moral decline when “slippery slope” arguments become moot, because all of the terrible things you predicted on the long downward slide have come true and you find yourself in the stinking swamp at the bottom of the hill, covered in mud and surrounded by rats and snakes.

That’s where we Americans are today with the normalization of transgender insanity. And by insanity, I mean the old-school looney-tunes, climb-on-the-table-in-your-birthday-suit-and-declare-that-you’re-Napoleon kind of crazy. The keeping up with the Kardashians attention-whore kind of crazy where absolutely anything can be rationalized if it keeps you in the public spotlight. The Bruce-Jenner-as-a-drag-queen-version-of Ronald-Reagan running for governor of California kind of crazy. That’s the bottom of the slope, folks – here we are.

At the top of the slope in the 1950s we conservatives correctly predicted that normalizing porn and making comedies about marital cheating was a slippery slope that would break up marriages. In the 1960s, we correctly predicted that legalizing contraception on demand and promoting “free love” philosophies would turn the children of those newly broken homes into self-centered and self-destructive hedonists. When that hedonism led to abortion on demand and “no-fault” divorce in the 1970s we called it a slippery slope to social and fiscal chaos. When the left wing pulled out all the stops to undermine the Reagan Revolution’s efforts to restore normalcy in the 1980s, we predicted that the country would collapse into socialism and the loss of our family-centered society if they won. Then they won.

By the 1990s the slippery slope of moral and ethical decay had spread to the Republican Party, and the “establishment” RINOs had moved so far to the left that JFK’s legacy became conservative by comparison. We conservatives now had to fight the elites of both parties in warning that normalizing homosexuality for adults would be a slippery slope to the recruitment of our children in that lifestyle. By 2015, that battle was fully lost: “Gay marriage” was “legalized” by the Supreme Court, and a vast percentage of American school children had been fully brainwashed in Marxist ideology and “sexual freedom.” Lesbianism among teen girls was the most popular social fad of the decade, and increasing numbers of boys started wearing girlish clothing and defending “gayness.”

It’s hard to believe that was only six years ago, but there was still a “slippery slope” we could warn about in the form of transgenderism. My, how conservative the society still seemed then when the majority strongly pushed back. My, how things can change so quickly when the leftist social engineers really put their shoulders to the wheel, and the Biden FDA helps out by fast-tracking the approval of “puberty blockers.”

“Conservatism” has always been a losers game for those who forget what it is we’re supposed to be “conserving.” These “loser-conservatives” think their job is just to conserve the “status quo,” whatever that might be at the moment, and as the status quo gets more liberal, so do they. They’re the conservative movement’s version of useful idiots, always moving leftward at the same rate of speed as the liberals, just ten paces behind. They’re actually more idiotic than the liberal’s useful idiots, who at least get the joy of winning each new battle as it gets fought, while the “loser-conservatives” never stop eating their dust while they adjust themselves to each new loss – perpetually. Look at how many “conservative” opponents of transgenderism now defend homosexuality, just as many opponents of homosexuality in the ’90s defended sex outside of marriage. It’s a whole other kind of crazy, to be frank, but we’ll leave it at that.

True conservatism has always been about our founding principles – constitutionalism – and the Judeo-Christian culture from which they grew. It has always been about the biblical concept of “ordered liberty,” not secular libertarianism, which has no standard for order, only a resistance to “being ordered,” which constitutionalists share when tyranny raises its head (which makes today’s MAGA coalition possible). Ordered Liberty may (within reason) tolerate some dissent from the essential norms – natural marriage, family, community, economy, health, foods and foreign relations – but it can never survive if it allows these norms to be supplanted by counterfeit alternatives.

The primacy of the natural family in the order of mainstream society, for example, is the immune system of a healthy civilization. Overthrowing that norm to serve the interests of “sexual minorities” was predictably disastrous for social health: a manifestly true law of nature that the still-sane can confirm with our own eyes by observing the chaos we’re suffering today by breaking that law.

Transgenderism is both a mental health problem and a behavioral disorder. There is no healthy version of it. It is by definition pathological. (Bruce Jenner is no more a woman than “Worf” of “Star Trek” was a Klingon.) To hold otherwise is to reject self-evident reality that any rational human can confirm by observation of male and female bodies – so perfectly complementary in design and function it is as if they were created for the purpose of becoming “one flesh” for the bearing and raising of children in families. That is of course, what the Bible teaches, but as Paul notes in Romans 1, the creation itself teaches that truth so clearly that those who fail to recognize it – and the Creator Himself in His Creation – have NO EXCUSE!

Here at the bottom of the slippery slope where there is no deeper depth of moral insanity to warn against – only more of the same in ever more grotesque variations as transgenderism morphs into transhumanism – there is no excuse for the conservative movement to mollycoddle the “loser conservative” traitors who helped get us here by falling into line with the left. There is no benefit to compromising with the crazy people or trying to win their approval by virtue signaling. The level of insanity is beyond affecting with strategy or guile. It’s like fighting the undead, now: They can’t be reasoned with because they have lost connection with reality.

The only thing left to do is fight like the Host of Heaven for truth and righteousness – and there is no more important target to defeat in that process than the walking political disaster formerly known as Bruce Jenner. No “conservative” should be allowed to support this deeply disturbed fake woman without serious push-back from the rest of us. Can we finally say enough is enough?

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