The war of GoG and Gay-GOG

What topic is the most heavily censored and punished “hate speech” in the world? No, it’s not Holocaust denial (except in Germany). It’s not the “N” word (which is by far the most commonly heard expletive used by non-Christian blacks in every inner city in America). It’s not (surprisingly) any form of praise of Donald Trump. It’s the truth about GoG: “Gay on Gay” violence. In fact, the topic is so heavily censored that most people don’t even realize it’s in the running as its own category of “hate speech.”

The LGBT agenda has always been the razor-sharp edge of the “progressive” sword gutting and dismembering family-based Judeo-Christian civilization, while the facts about the true history, strategy and tactics of the LGBT army-of-conquest have always been the greatest threat to the progressive agenda – so they have been suppressed at all cost. Nothing must be allowed to tarnish the image of the “LGBT community” as utterly benign and socially enriching, and that means hiding the truth about the violence or spinning it as incidental and not systemic.

Publicity about the disgusting nature of various forms of perverse conduct was once a threat, but not any more. The “sexual revolution” pioneers like homosexual Harry Hay and bisexuals Alfred Kinsey and Hugh Hefner championed from the late 1940s through the ’60s successfully got heterosexuals “dirty in the deal” and thus many of today’s heterosexual young people (grandchildren of the generation that had never even heard of these things) routinely indulge in the most extreme acts of sexual degradation ever devised by human minds, right alongside their LGBT peers.

Boomers and millennials in the America First movement can rant all they want against “groomers” in the public schools and the “gender affirming” mutilation of children– and they will certainly temporarily win some early battles like Anita Bryant did back in the 1970s (yay!) – but sadly, that ship has sailed. The blitzkeieg of sexual anarchy has already rolled over them toward the unholy grail of transhumanism (the logical next step after transgenderism fully convinces the youth that their creation as male and female in the image of God is a myth). I consider this transgender battle of Gay-GOG (Gayifying Gender Optional Grooming) already lost because so many of its opponents (including Trump) contradictorally endorse “gay marriage” (proof that meaningful resistance to each successive step of the LGBT agenda lasts only one generation at best).

But being guilty of unjustified violence is a different matter entirely, especially for any “community” that defines itself by its victimhood, and whose source of moral suasion in society is the protective impulse of the general public for “the oppressed.” If, for example, you’re trying to hitch your socio-political wagon to the Jewish Holocaust to gain even more public sympathy and support for your agenda, the last thing you need is for someone to come along and expose the homosexual roots and fruits (no pun intended) of the Nazi Party like my Orthodox Jewish co-author Kevin Abrams and I did in “The Pink Swastika” – arguably the most politically-incorrect book of the 20th century.

We proved conclusively, from contemporary mainstream and “gay” sources, that the infamous but limited persecution of homosexuals in the Third Reich was almost exclusively a Nazi and Nazi-leaning “butch” homosexual persecution of Communist and Communist-leaning “femme” homosexuals originating from a Gay on Gay internecine war started in the 1860s when early theories of “sexual orientation” heavily polarized homosexual men on masculine vs. feminine identity issues.

Far from being “debunked” by leftist fact checkers, as the corrupt media obligatorily alleges whenever the book is (rarely) mentioned, “The Pink Swastika” catalogs the truthful facts so extensively that the biggest shock is realizing just how much unimpeachable documentation there actually is. It’s really mind-blowing.

But the larger record of Gay on Gay violence in LGBT history is even more astonishing. Think of the most famous murders of homosexuals in modern history. Matthew Shepard? He’s the guy hung on a barbed-wire fence whose ordeal was used to justify our onerous federal hate crimes laws and inspired a heavily funded nationwide propaganda campaign in public schools and community centers (the Laramie Project). It was only when its usefulness was waning a decade later that a homosexual journalist admitted in “The Book of Matt” that he wasn’t murdered by “homophobes” but by former “gay” sex partners in a drug deal gone bad.

David Kato? His murder was an even bigger deal internationally than Shepard’s was. As the founder of Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG), he was Africa’s most famous homosexual at a time when Christian Uganda was trying hard to stop the homosexualization of its society to the outrage of the global elites. As the American missionary pastor they were falsely blaming as the mastermind of an overly harsh proposed Ugandan law, I was actually put in the crosshairs of blame when Kato was killed and then faced a six-and-a-half year U.S. federal lawsuit (SMUG v. Lively) for “crimes against humanity” based largely on the ridiculous claim that my talks in Uganda (quite similar to the claims of this column) caused Kato’s murder. Thank God the real killer was caught and confessed a week later: a 22-year-old “gay” prostitute named Sidney Enoch whom Kato had bailed out of jail to be his live-in lover, but bashed his brains in with a hammer. Enoch is serving 30 years for the crime, while the international media have gone silent on it ever since.

Never heard of Kato? That’s only because the truth would hurt the LGBT cause. But in the short window when the elites thought it would serve their narrative, he was the most famous homosexual in the world. Obama issued a presidential statement lamenting his death. Then he and Hillary did a joint appearance about it. Even Nancy Pelosi issued a formal statement as speaker of the House (which is ironic, because years later her own husband, Paul, and a purported male prostitute would, according to some news analysts, virtually reenact the Kato/Enoch hammer-bashing incident in her own home).

The famous homosexual designer Versace? He bled out after a “gay” sex partner tried to castrate him with a corkscrew. The list just goes on and on, as does the list of nearly forgotten homosexual mass-murderers. Except for Jeffrey Dahmer. And that latest guy who allegedly shot up that “gay” bar in Colorado recently, triggering a media feeding frenzy against “homophobia.” But suddenly, when they were in full piranha mode, the fact emerged that the alleged killer “identifies as non-binary.” A round of gagging and barfing followed as the “journalists” ran quickly from the scene. (As they fled, another GoG incident occurred.).

And lets not forget the lesbians in this story, notorious (anecdotally at the street level) for domestic violence against each other, but also for targeting children sometimes, such as the recent murder of an innocent 10-year-old boy whose long season of beatings and torture for being male finally ended with the severing of his skull from his spine. (I was once sued for $10 million for “invasion of privacy” for exposing two homosexual men who both beat each other and tortured a toddler in their care. They committed double suicide when one of them was sentenced to jail – effectively killing that lawsuit.)

Are all or even most homosexual guilty of such things? Certainly not. But the suppressed famous-name cases alone are enough to prove that normalizing the LGBT lifestyles to children as if they are perfectly benign and socially enriching is a very bad idea. And per Genesis 19:1-11, other biblical passages and the (suppressed) historic record, it has always been this way.

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