The war party vs. Trump and poor Mike Lee

It’s worth thinking about now.

Do you remember when no one knew much about Donald Trump or his policies?

The day that really began to change was Feb. 13, 2016, in the Republican debate in South Carolina, when Trump did something unusual for members of the GOP. Until then, like most Republicans, he had refrained from doing something only done by Ron or Rand Paul – criticize American foreign policy.

“Obviously, the war in Iraq was a big fat mistake,” he said.

That changed everything in Washington. Suddenly, neocons started dropping Trump – hard.

I hadn’t even noticed, because I found it refreshing. Others, obviously, did not. People like Bill Kristol and Joe Scarborough got venom in their eyes for Trump.

But it was too late to stop the Trump freight train. Republican politics would change forever. So would the Democratic politics – especially for the “uni-party,” the war party.

It was also the birth of another largely unnoticed “Republican” candidacy for the presidency, that of Evan McMullin – a man better known for opposing the candidacy of Republican Sen. Mike Lee this year Utah. Now McMullin is running as an independent, still flush with cash from the perpetual war party. He’s got a real chance to win, with the help of “Republican” Mitt Romney.

Yes, this is a nightmare for real Republicans, who are being fooled once again.

McMullin is 40 years old, never married and a total fraud. Neocon Bill Kristol convinced him to launch an independent campaign for president against Trump in 2016. He won only half of 1% of the popular vote and, of course, zero electoral votes. Not a successful candidacy for a first timer. He was quickly forgotten – but not by liberals who write him checks as a newly found “independent.”

The Utah U.S. Senate seat is about to be bought – by Democrats. This may be the new model for seats stolen in conservative states for the for the foreseeable future. Don’t let that happen. His campaign has paid nearly $2 million to Democratic Party consulting services in the last year alone. If McMullin wins, by deceit, he could give Democrats control of the Senate. We can scarcely afford to lose a second seat in Utah, of all places.

How does this happen? How does someone like McMullin get any traction?

One reason is because he shares the desires of the creepy, war-mongering, falsely-named Lincoln Project, which is about to prove itself more successful at challenging Republicans than Democrats in the midterm elections! Beware.

We’ve been fooled in elections of the past. Ronald Reagan was a great president following the disastrous Jimmy Carter. But his only mistake was taking George Bush as his running mate. That was a tragedy. The first Bush was a former CIA director. That should have been a tip-off. As president, Bush quickly got us in a war. Then, following one term, we got Bill Clinton for two terms. Then we got the other George Bush and Dick Cheney to follow that up. We got more wars with no end. The country was broke. We weren’t running the country with citizens of the United States in mind, a successful policy we call America First. Then we got Barack Obama and Joe Biden as his vice president. Next up to keep the war machine going was supposed to be Hillary Clinton. But a miracle happened. We got Trump!

He was Reagan on steroids. Then as his first term was running out, the China pandemic hit us, and the Democrats had an evil plan: Use the pandemic to rig the election to do the unthinkable – to bring back Biden.

But Americans have gotten much wiser after only two years. And so has President Trump. His movement, which he calls MAGA – Make American Great Again – is taking the nation by storm. So what can the Democrats do?

Steal a state or two by using fraud.

They’re playing for keeps now. Money is no object.

The Lincoln Project was founded by eight current and former Republican political operatives: George Conway III, Reed Galen, Jennifer Horn, Rick Wilson, Mike Madrid, Ron Steslow, Steve Schmidt and John Weaver. Despite the group’s leadership consisting of current or former Republicans, its aim is to persuade Republican-aligned voters not to support the Republican Party.

The organization became embroiled in controversy in early 2021 after a reporter for the American Conservative, and later reporters with other media outlets including the New York Times, alleged that numerous young men seeking work in politics had received apparent solicitations of a romantic nature from Lincoln Project co-founder Weaver.

Oh, and in October 2021, the Lincoln Project claimed responsibility for organizing a fake white supremacist rally designed to hurt the campaigns of Republicans in Virginia.

Incumbent Florida Sen. Marco Rubio might also be in trouble because of the shady and scandal-plagued Lincoln Project support of his midterm opponent, Democrat Val Demings.

In 2020, McMullin endorsed Joe Biden because he “cares” about Republican values.

This kind of manipulation and deceit is just as bad as stealing an election again. It’s just as deceptive as what they did with “2000 Mules” in 2020. It’s a way of doing damage control in a state you can’t win honestly. It’s a new paradigm for the war party, for what we once called “neoconservatives.” It’s just a different way to con the voters.

And here’s another one. If you have the stomach for it, you can view Showtime’s latest contribution to the stream of disinformation, a docu-series called “The Lincoln Project.”

These “GOP operatives” are loved by Hollywood! I’m sure you know the type – Democrats masquerading as Republicans.

Sen. Mike Lee is a real principled guy. It’s shameful that he’s the victim in this scam. I suggest watching Tucker Carlson’s Friday program for more details on this sad story.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Leftwing billionaire George Soros bankrolls everything evil – most recently the 75 pro-criminal “Soros district attorneys” who have transformed America’s most dynamic cities into degraded, crime-infested hellscapes of skyrocketing violent crime. Soros also funds drug legalization, euthanasia, open borders, globalism, Black Lives Matter, “defunding the police,” devaluing America’s currency and destroying her sovereignty. But why?

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