The Waukesha slaughter and plague of black racism

I’m half French and half English, a typical European, white, male baby boomer, but I’ve always considered myself a “white equalist” because I believe the Bible’s teaching in Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11 that all people are equal in Christ.

As an American, I’ve always been proud that the founders included “all men are created equal” as the first “self evident truth” in the preamble of the Declaration of Independence. To me, and to all the white patriots I have ever known, that is the true foundation and aspiration of this nation notwithstanding the failure of many to live up to it over the years.

As an 11th generation Bay Stater (descendant of Roger Conant who arrived in Plymouth in 1624), I’ve always been proud that my home state of Massachusetts was the main incubator of the abolitionist movement against slavery, and that some of the most powerful opponents of slavery were the early U.S. presidents from Massachusetts, particularly John Adams and John Quincy Adams who served as counsel for the defense of the rebel slaves on the La Amistad, and once wrote, poetically: “Roll, years of promise, rapidly roll round, till not a slave shall on this earth be found.”

As a pastor, I have devoted a significant part of my life to fighting racism by promoting racial harmony. In 2008 my wife and I moved into the 70-80% black (20-25% Puerto Rican) inner-city of Springfield, Massachusetts, and bought an abandoned crack house in the heart of one of the worst neighborhoods to live in and restore with our own hands as an example of “redemptive living.” We risked our lives to share the Gospel with people in that neighborhood, where there was a gang shooting on our corner the very day we took possession of the house and where I saw a stabbing one day from our upstairs window.

Together with my black ministry partner and great friend Pastor C.S. Cooley, I founded the Redemption Gate Mission to serve the bottom strata of inner-city society. Our Holy Grounds Coffee House church became the leading model of racial harmony in western Massachusetts. When none of those good works proved sufficient to stop the left from trying to destroy me for opposing the LGBT political agenda, part of my self-defense was running for governor in 2014 as an Independent. My choice for running mate in that race was Shelly Saunders, a black (then) homeless grandmother who now manages Holy Grounds under Pastor Cooley’s supervision.

Why the attacks by the LGBTs? I was, among other things, a co-founder in 2007 with black former football star Ken Hutcherson, of Watchman on the Walls, an international coalition against “gay marriage.” I’ve also served as a short-term pro-family missionary to Africans in both Uganda and Kenya on three occasions, and shared the realization all such missionaries come to about the surprising sweetness of personality that is typical of native Africans untainted by western liberalism.

All this is not self-aggrandizement (because all glory goes to God for any good thing in this former addict/alcoholic) but is simply a front-loaded self-defense to the inevitable charge of “racism” that the left will level against me for writing this article.

I will not pull any punches here. To the eternal shame of the so-called “liberals” who have exploited black suffering past and present for their own financial enrichment and political power, what has become the public face of “blackness” since at least Ferguson is brutal thuggery and irrational hate. It has been justified and rationalized by the false narrative of “white supremacy” (perfected by the vipers at the SPLC) and exacerbated by constant, cruel agitation by the pot-stirring leftist media and self-serving politicians.

At every turn the Marxist wormtongues have whispered malicious mischaracterizations in black ears of every police shooting (however necessary or justified they may have been), while spinning enticing revenge fantasies (now fact) of consequence-free retaliation, gilded with the potential of exacting “reparations” payoffs as tribute.

The progression of that campaign to foment and escalate race-war from one cluster of violent rioting to the next scored pay-dirt in 2020. But now it has culminated in perhaps the most horrific race-based hate crime of the modern era in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Sunday. We don’t know all the details, but we know enough to say enough is enough and to start holding the liars and agitators accountable for their incitement to mayhem and murder.

But it’s also time to hold the black racists accountable for what they have allowed themselves to become, while remembering that the defense of entrapment (both legally and morally) is only available to those who were not already inclined to do the crimes they stand charged with.

I know the black community well enough to say that a huge percentage are Christians, but a shamefully large number of these fellow believers have been swept up in the Black Lives Matter revenge cult. As I have said all along, black lives matter very much, but the movement called “Black Lives Matter,” launched by two openly Marxist lesbians, exists solely to wage race war in furtherance of the Marxist assault on Judeo-Christian civilization. Christians should have nothing to do with it! “Have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather expose them,” writes Paul in Ephesians 5:11.

I’ll put it more bluntly. If Jesus Christ could and did forgive those who tortured and murdered Him, and who commanded us in the Lord’s Prayer to “forgive those who have trespassed against us” as a condition of being forgiven ourselves, what possible justification can any Christian have for seeking revenge for trespasses against our ancestors or strangers who were shot by the police?

I have nothing to say to the genuine Marxists whose reprobate minds literally cannot perceive truth. I will pray for their redemption while working to purge them from all seats of power and influence in the culture.

But to black Christians I say stop picking the scabs of past racial injustice and let the wounds heal. Step up to your responsibility. YOU should be the main advocates for a color blind society because that is what Jesus advocates. If enough of you do so, loudly enough, perhaps you can end this plague of black racism sweeping through our nation. They’re certainly not going to accept it from a white guy.

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