The White House is not a memory care facility

Providing copies of investigative reports is a courtesy to allow the person being investigated to prepare to respond. It is not an opportunity for the subject of a probe to write his or her own version of events, to censor the report’s findings, or otherwise interfere with the process.

But the White House pressured Special Counsel Robert Hur to rewrite the conclusions of his probe into the mishandling of top secret documents by Joe Biden. The press insists upon terming these documents “classified,” but that simply is not true.

The Democratic hierarchy is all about managing the message, rather than performing its duties, so it goes along with that charade.

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What the media in general missed, or misreported, is the intent of the special counsel report. Robert Hur did not exonerate Joe Biden, but that was the message reported to the American public. Hur said given the fact Joe Biden is aged and has extensive memory loss, a jury might find him a sympathetic figure and not return a guilty verdict.

Mr. Hur may be criticized for speculating what a jury might do rather than pursuing crimes he apparently felt were worthy of judicial attention. It certainly is appropriate to argue the special counsel task is to find and report facts, but not to act as judge and jury. His dismissal of any prosecution put him in the position of judge and jury.

Hur’s conclusions were not an exoneration. He assessed a possible trial outcome if Biden’s handling of top secret documents was judged to be criminal. It also may reflect Hur’s natural human reaction to Joe Biden’s predicament. Setting aside the president’s politics, his loss of memory is not his fault, and if he were an ordinary citizen, those who knew him would be supportive, not punitive.

However, Joe Biden’s duties are beyond ordinary, and his apparent inability to perform the demands of the presidency is a critical challenge to the United States of America.

Joe Biden needs to be retired. Joe Biden needs to be retired for the sake of the nation and the future of the world. Thank him for his service. Be as kind as possible. This is not the time or place for bitter partisan rancor. Whatever Joe Biden is not, he is the president, and his intellectual demise is a tragedy.

The Constitution provides for this scenario. Democrats won the last presidential election, and Democrats will claim the presidency if Joe steps aside before the end of his scheduled four years in office.

The events of Feb. 8, 2024, were predictable. Biden’s tribulations left his political party with an agonizing decision: to go with the addled incumbent, or take him out to manage what had become an unmanageable situation. Hur’s report provides a possible answer to that question. After all, Hur was selected by Merrick Garland of the Department of Justice. He is connected to, or at least trusted, by the Democratic political operatives.

His report reads like a soft landing retirement party for one of their own. No criminality because the subject is sympathetic. Legally, that might be characterized as pathetic.

America is entering a unique situation, a caretaker presidency assembled in the midst of a volatile presidential election, with the world at war in two regions, Marxists attempting to assembly a worldwide governance and the homeland invaded. The invasion of illegals alone is a much greater threat to the USA than the attack upon Pearl Harbor.

Politically, the last time conditions were this grave, President Herbert Hoover and his party suffered a staggering political loss that persists today, and a worldwide depression leading to world war.

The alternative to this speculation is that Democrats stay the course. That option is complicated by the reality that there probably are more families who have had a senior, beloved family member suffer some form of dementia, or have known someone bedeviled by devastating loss of memory. As a result, the public has personal knowledge of how devastating dementia is to its victims.

The White House, however, is not your local memory care facility.

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