The witch-hunt propaganda committee and what it portends

Now you should be able to see how radical, extremist, fanatic and subversive the Jan. 6 Committee is.

Is this the way America is supposed to be? Is it the way committees of Congress are supposed to act? Is there any precedent for the behavior?

No. The Democrats and their RINO Republicans are desperately trying to hold on to a system of government that doesn’t work. It’s not supposed to work.

It’s the difference between a dictatorship and a free republic on display.

What they won’t tell you is the truth – about anything.

They don’t like reality. They despise it. They have nothing in common with the American system of government – nothing.

This is how Nancy Pelosi works. This is how Joe Biden works. This is how Hillary Clinton works. This is how Barack Obama works – lies, myths, fables, fabrications, deceptions, false narratives.

It begins with the premise that the election of 2020 was “the most secure in history.” That’s what the “media” are instructed to say over and over – at the expense of losing their livelihood, being canceled, blacklisted.

When about a million people came to Washington on Jan. 6 to express their clear convictions that they were robbed of their birthright, they are called “insurrectionists” – all of them.

Some are then enticed by government provocateurs to enter the “hallowed” halls of Congress. Most of then don’t think they’re breaking the law. They are actually invited in by overwhelmed Capitol Police. (You can view that in pictures and lots of video footage, but not on those carefully selected by the Jan. 6 Committee.)

It’s a set-up. Get it?

Liz Cheney is one of the RINOs fabricating this story. Cheney is trailing her real Republican opponent, Harriet Hageman, by 28-56% in the race fo Wyoming’s congressional seat. Cheney doesn’t have a chance of winning reelection this November. She has even less of a chance to take on Donald Trump for president in 2024 – if he is permitted to run. And that is what’s at stake, believe it or not, in this far-fetched gambit.

You see, President Donald Trump is the person who faces a “trial” by this absurd committee.

What they will not tell the American people, no matter how long is goes on, is that Trump offered Nancy Pelosi and Washington’s disgraceful Mayor Muriel Bowser at least 20,000 National Guardsmen to keep order at the Capitol that day. They turned it down! This is PROOF he did not plan the “insurrection.” He tried to PREVENT it. Period. End of story,

What else will they not tell you?

An internal Capitol Police review found sweeping intelligence and security failures on Pelosi’s watch!

A secret after-action report cited widespread ineptitude and inadequate riot squads, and that the closing of an open-source intelligence unit may have contributed to the tragedy.

A story by reporter John Solomon of Just the News that identified these sweeping blunders explains what you are not being readily told – but should be.

If you don’t believe me, how about Alan Dershowitz, who taught at Harvard Law School from 1964 to 2013 and was a lifetime supporter of the American Civil Union? He now calls the ACLU the “anti-civil liberties union.” He’s still the same liberal he always was, But now he’s defending Donald Trump and Mike Lindell, the “MyPillow guy” who’s spending a fortune fighting the Big Steal.

There are no “liberals” anymore today.

There are only people like Biden, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who have a tenuous grip of power. Their allies are people like Cheney, Mitch McConnell and the RINOs.

They represent the “vested interests.” The old guard. Big Tech. The FBI and the “intelligence” services. The Deep State. They’re better known as the “Uni-Party.”

These are dangerous times for America – lawlessness reigns, the Supreme Court is under attack, you can’t talk about elections, “law enforcement” is a bad word, the Electoral College is under siege, inflation is out of control, illegal immigration is rampant, drugs are killing us, black is white, truth is a lie, and up is down.

Where do you stand?

I hope you stand proudly with America.

If you do, let’s rally around it. And that means Trump is our only true leader proclaiming MAGA – making America great again.

That’s a unifying theme for a time such as this.

No more witch hunts! No more lies! No more propaganda! No more pretending!

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