The 'word' the late Robert Byrd used defines Omar and Tlaib

One of the most highly revered Democratic leaders in history, the late Sen. Robert Byrd of West Virginia,, said he had “seen and knew lots of white” ones. In fact, despite the best efforts of liberal apparatchiks masquerading as fact-checkers to claim otherwise, one of those who eulogized Byrd when he died in 2010 epitomizes one of the “white ones” Byrd referenced. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

As a child, both my late grandmother and my late mother explained to me that “a lowdown, common, dirty person” was the definition of the particular “word” the late Democratic senator employed multiple times on cable news programming between 2001 and 2005.

When I employ the “word” the late Sen. Byrd correctly used in referencing the “white ones” he knew, which I argue is descriptive of the Democratic Party at large, I’m not being boorish. I am, however, using the “word” Democrats are responsible for turning into a skin-color pejorative. I sardonically applaud Byrd’s words as truth about his fellow Democrats, truth that was long past due.

The “word” I am referencing is the best and most appropriate descriptive of Muslim Democrats Ilhan Omar, Minn., and Rashida Tlaib, Mich; albeit the “word” is extendable to Muslims who are beheading, raping and pillaging every single part of the world they infest.

Without exception, when the truth about the pair is openly voiced in a public forum, they predictably sniffle, feign offense and shed crocodile tears. This is exactly the act Tlaib and Omar put on when Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., truthfully referenced Omar as being akin to a violent foreign terrorist. Rep. Boebert’s truthful statement evoked a teary-eyed jeremiad that showcased an acting ability as pathetic as that of Richard (I’ll never call that guy Rachel) Levine being made a four-star admiral in the U.S. Public Health Service.

Rushing to the cameras to show support in opposition to the truth being told about Omar were other Democrats who by definition are the “word” the late senator used. They included Reps. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., and Pramila Payapal, D-Wash. Of course, Nancy Pelosi, who is the dictionary picture of the “word” Democrat Byrd used, wasted no time promising retaliatory action as punishment for truth telling.

Evidence seems to support the allegations that Omar married her brother to gain entrance into the United States. Thus, it is most certainly fair to question how often the godless marriage was consummated and which of the children she has her brother fathered. Tlaib is a godless, uncouth, foulmouthed stain on humanity.

Both Omar and Tlaib are rabid anti-Semites who have habitually engaged in anti-Semitism from the nation’s Capitol since they took office. But, that doesn’t stop them from demanding Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg eradicate anything they determine to be anti-Muslim from Facebook.

Omar and Tlaib are heinous anti-Semites who would have you forget the unimpeachable facts I wrote in my syndicated op-ed: “There are about 400 recognized terrorist groups in the world. Over 90 percent of these are Islamist groups. Over 90 percent of the current world fighting involves Islamist terror movements. The vast majority of world terrorism is religiously motivated by Islam. … This includes Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Indonesia, all of the Emirates, Sudan, Philippines, India, Libya, Algeria, Malaysia, Spain, Morocco, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, Jordan and, finally, what they call the ‘occupied territory’ – Israel.”

The only thing that has changed since I wrote the facts in that article is we now have those who are the definition of the “word” Democratic leader Robert Byrd used, holding congressional office.

The “word” Sen. Byrd used most assuredly describes those in the Democratic Party in which he spent his entire life. Those who murdered over 3,000 innocent Americans Sept. 11, 2001, those who murdered Tyrone Woods and others Sept. 11, 2012 in Benghazi and those who beheaded the late reporter Danny Pearl are murderous representatives of the word Byrd used. (See: “‘BDS’ Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.”)

Those who are perverted pedophiles like the satanic heathen Muhammad they call a prophet was by definition the “word” Byrd used. Those Muslims who murder and then sodomize Americans Biden has abandoned in Afghanistan are the epitome of the “word” as well.

Omar and Tlaib are Erebusic and morally opprobrious; identifying them as the poster anti-Semite Muslims representative of the “word” the late Democratic senator said he knew is in perfect keeping with the character of those two and all Muslims like them mentioned here within.

If they like, I’m willing to sit down face-to-face and explain to them in even greater detail, why an eternity of unimaginable suffering awaits them if they don’t turn from the ways Byrd’s “word” rightly defines.

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