A virus is sweeping America. It’s a calamity of catastrophic proportions, but somehow – amazingly – it seems to be embedded most strongly in densely urban areas. Whenever huge numbers of people cluster, this virus spreads rapidly and destroys everything it touches. Masks don’t stop it. Quarantines only make it worse. Its spread seems inexorable.

Yes, the virus of leftism is destroying American cities; and to a broader extent, America itself.

In a previous column, I lamented the destruction of one of my favorite cities, Portland, Oregon. But sadly, Portland isn’t alone. Seattle is imploding. Chicago is imploding. Philadelphia is imploding. New York City is imploding. San Francisco. Los Angeles. Minneapolis. Detroit. Pick a city, any city. If it’s being run by leftists, the likelihood is high it’s going down in flames (sometimes literally).

It should be clear by now the skyrocketing murder rate in America has nothing whatever to do with the Second Amendment and everything to do with leftist ideals: the eradication of God, destruction of the nuclear family and elimination of the police. Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and one of the highest murder rates. Chicago, I hardly need remind you, is a screamin’ blue city.

Blue cities are strongholds of wokeness, cancel culture and political correctness. Often they’re hair-trigger places where the simplest act – wearing the wrong hairstyle (cultural appropriation!), for example, or using wrong word such as “freshman” or “secretary” – can bring on a blizzard of snowflakes that will bury you with viciousness.

“Big cities have been and continue to be centers of destructive ideas, and the people living in them are generally coarser and often just plain meaner,” writes Dennis Prager. “Of course, there are decent individuals in big cities and obnoxious people outside of big cities. But having a greater proportion of nice to obnoxious is more likely in smaller cities and other nonurban areas.”

Maybe it’s the population density, but it sure seems blue cities breed the craziest, nuttiest ideas. Who could have guessed that decriminalizing shoplifting would result in a massive increase in shoplifting? Who could have predicted that defunding the police would result in a massive spike in murders and other violent crimes? Who could have known the failure to teach the concepts of right and wrong to children would create radical young adults with no hope for the future? Think of any of the really dumb ideas that have spread like a virus in the last few years, and I can almost guarantee you’ll be able to track its origin to one or another blue city.

But change may be in the air. Even many liberal Democrats are slowly becoming appalled at what the left has wrought (Prager clearly distinguishes between leftism and liberalism). When the Virginia gubernatorial race resulted in a stunning loss for leftist Democrat Terry McAuliffe, many liberal voters admitted they voted Republican because they didn’t like being called racists and white supremacists (especially those who weren’t white or racists or white supremacists). McAuliffe’s underhanded tactics of trying to “plant” so-called white supremacists at his opponent’s rallies backfired spectacularly.

School boards across the country received a violent shakeup when parents rose in fury against the radical brainwashing and indoctrination being pushed by the left. It awakened the Inner Bear of parents everywhere – including card-carrying liberals – who stood up and lashed back at the extraordinary hate, contempt and condescension leftist educators expressed toward parents. I mean, c’mon – parents who care about the evil crap being taught to their children are domestic terrorists? Please. In short, the line was crossed, and Americans are getting fed up.

Glenn Beck calls this the Joe Rogan Effect. “When rappers, Republicans, actors, environmentalists, truck drivers, NBA players, liberals, moms, and comedians are putting aside their differences and standing for what really matters, that’s the Joe Rogan Effect,” he tweeted. In a commentary, he adds: “[I]t brings me back to this woman that my family and I met in Poland … [who] said, ‘The righteous didn’t suddenly become righteous; they just refused to go over the cliff with everyone else.’ … The Rogan Effect is when you get to the cliff and you’re like, ‘OK, this is madness. I’m not going with you.’ Then after everyone else has jumped off the cliff, you look around and say, ‘Holy cow, I’m standing with YOU? You didn’t jump off the cliff either?’ That’s what this is.”

This week we learned that Virginia had had enough and rejected a condescending parent-hating leftist who wanted to return to the governor’s office. Minneapolis had enough of violence and resoundingly rejected a measure to replace the city’s police department with the “Department of Public Safety.” Seattle elected a law-and-order Republican over a Democrat as Seattle city attorney. In New Jersey, a trucker with a tiny budget unseated a longtime Democratic leader in the state legislature. Irate parents all over the country managed to oust radical school board members and fill those seats with anti-CRT candidates. (As The Blaze put it, “Maybe calling parents ‘domestic terrorists’ was a bad idea.”) Even Portland’s mayor is proposing an increase of the police budget.

Yet the leftists still called Tuesday’s bloodbath a result of “white supremacy.” And they wonder why they lost?

So, as of Tuesday, there seems be some hope for those extreme leftist urban enclaves. As I said, even some liberal Democrats are appalled at what the left has wrought. Perhaps voters in these cities aren’t as dumb as they seem. More change may be in the air.

Will the leftists back down? Of course not. Mark my words, they’re going to double down. They’re going to become even more radical. They might self-destruct, but they’ll do as much damage as possible as they continue their quest to take America down.

Leftism is the virus. What’s the vaccine? Hint: It sure as heck isn’t more “progressive” policies and politicians.

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