There are 2 Great Reset buttons – which will be pushed?

Two “Great Reset” buttons are now before each one of us. The world did not ask for this choice; it almost never does. The way things have always been, love them or hate them, is nearly always our first choice. We just keep plugging along, doing what we’ve always done, hoping that maybe, just maybe, next time everything will turn out better.

At first glance, both Great Reset buttons look very much alike. They are large, have a lock secured with a key that is left in the lock, guarding the button from an unintended finger press. Each button sits atop a solid, well-constructed “black box” that houses the innards of the button’s actions, once it is pressed.

The buttons themselves are of similar size and shape. Both have a finely polished exterior. One has a translucent, opalescent finish that captivates our gaze if the lighting is just right. The other button is equally polished, but made of solid gold. The box at the base of each has a brushed, flat-black finish. Engraved on each are the words:

Push Button for Great Reset.
Action Cannot be Undone.

How did we get here? Probably, we did what the great mass of humanity has always done. In the U.S., we elected people to political office to run the country, thinking they would do what was best for America. Over time we learned that they cared more about themselves than America. Here at the end of the road, we now know that they despise America, despise God and despise us.

More to the point, however, is, “How did the buttons get there?” Beautiful buttons connected to Great Reset launch pads don’t get there by themselves, do they? Who created them? What will they do? Why can’t I come back and try the other one, if I don’t like the results of the first one? Why do I have to choose, anyway?

The button itself may have originated while Hillary Clinton was secretary of state under Obama, during the time we thought she was just reading emails while sitting on the toilet with her private server. Russia’s foreign minister seemed amused when she presented him the first button, but probably not for the reasons Hillary assumed.

Considerable information has been uncovered about what the opalescent white button might do once pushed. The world’s economy will be “reset”; communism (the favored elitist system) will be ushered in as a one-world government; and our tech overlords will provide monthly subsistence payments to cover the cost of housing, food and the psychological drugs needed to overcome the side effects of worldwide communism.

The World Health Organization, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Communist Chinese Party, will regulate travel and human interactions to force compliance with its dictates. The human soul will become the property of big tech, big government and big media. The other parts of us will become guinea pigs and experimental animals. All the money and assets they have already stolen from us will be used to control us for their own benefit, while insuring that the only law they are bound by is, “Do what thou wilt.” But on the bright side, the problem of global warming/cooling/change will have been permanently solved. Our prisons will always be just the right temperature.

Almost nothing has been said or written about the solid gold button and its associated Great Reset. However, if you stand silently near this second box, turn off your phones and social media, certain thoughts seem to enter your mind. “I love you, my children. I want only the best for you! When there seems to be no way, I will make a way. I have hidden resources and wealth that I will place in your hands, to help you repair the damage that has been done to the world and its people. I am a mighty God, and I will have my way in the earth.”

The first button, opalescent and captivating, is the product of billionaires who have been allowed to accumulate vast wealth, because the Creator wanted to see how they would use it. Broadly speaking they each had two choices: Greed, or generosity. Greed worships self and makes for an ugly world; generosity considers others and their needs first, and makes for a beautiful world. The Bible paints a simple picture: “By their fruits you will know them.” You can decide which path the world’s wealthiest people have chosen.

The second button’s solid gold construction speaks of a Creator who controls both the natural and supernatural, who has resources without limit, and who seeks to dispense these resources to those He has come to know and trust within a love relationship.

There is a certain complacency in the Christian community, especially in the West, that God has set everything in motion, that our actions are therefore irrelevant, and we should simply wait on His timing. I get that, but it may speak to the difficulties of pushing theology beyond its limits, more than the Bible. To me it sounds a lot like the watchmaker theory I learned about in philosophy courses so long ago. Briefly, God created the universe, wound it up, and then wandered off to do something else while events and time tick down.

What that leaves out is that God just might be actively involved in His creation, which includes the universe, the earth, us and everything else. Consider for a moment, are there not billions of people alive in the world today who know nothing of God, his Son Jesus Christ and what was done for them on the Cross? What if this Creator has already determined to redistribute the world’s wealth into the hands of those He has come to know and trust, in order to bless and expose to the nations and peoples of the earth the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross? He now finds His plans opposed and thwarted by those who already have accumulated immense wealth, but now also want immense power over all of creation, including all of humanity, God’s ultimate creation. Does God simply allow His Will to be thwarted?

We must consider that technology may now have advanced to the point where the wealthy and connected – who control the technology – have an ability to implement their plan for complete control of the world through this technology. Ask yourself if God is likely to concede control of his creation, culminating in the man and the woman, to the ambitions of those who now imagine that they control the whole world. The Jews in the National Socialist Worker’s Party in Germany during World War II forever stand as a reminder to the world, if only we will awaken and avoid.

The Bible refutes the watchmaker theory of the universe: the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ refutes it, and the existence of two Great Reset buttons now before us refutes it. If God were not actively involved, there would only be the one button, and mankind would be relegated to the role of white mice in their experimental laboratories, while they remake us to serve them.

God wants to conduct the Great Reset. Push the solid gold button. The tech billionaires want not only your body today, they want your soul tomorrow. Don’t give it to them.

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