This image of Joe Biden now 'defining' his administration

Joe Biden walking away from the podium while being asked how many Americans are left in Afghanistan on Aug. 23, 2021. (Video screenshot)

The image of President George W. Bush at the scene of the 9/11 Islamist terror attack in New York City is an image that will last long beyond popular memories of the economy’s slide at the end of his presidency.

Barack Obama’s contorted face when he raged to a Denver audience they were only “days away” from completely transforming America, is another such image.

And there’s Donald Trump’s many images of him facing off with a reporter who had just badmouthed him.

Now Joe Biden is gaining an image that probably, too, will live, maybe not forever but a long time.

It’s of his backside.

Fox News is reporting, “President Joe Biden took flak again Monday for taking no questions about Afghanistan as the crisis in the war-torn country continues.”

Biden, in fact, walked away while members of the press Monday shouted questions about the withdrawal of American troops and the almost immediate takeover of the nation by the terrorists in the Taliban.

Biden walked away as a reporter was asking, “How many Americans are left in Afghanistan, Mr. President?”

“The president’s backside is rapidly becoming the defining image of this administration,” Capital Research’s Michael Watson said on social media, where others proposed the nickname “Walkaway Joe.”

Biden did the same thing a week earlier, addressing the nation briefly on COVID-19, then turning his back on questions.

“Joe Biden again turns his back on Americans who want questions answered while he abandons Americans trapped by the Taliban. Shameful,” editor Katie Pavlich tweeted.

The report noted, “When Biden has answered questions on the crisis, he’s often been defiant, defensive and inconsistent. In his interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos last week, Biden claimed intelligence did not indicate the Afghan government would quickly collapse – despite reports noting the opposite. He also claimed his advisers did not tell him to delay the troop withdrawal, despite reports revealing they had.”

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