Time for a national 'take off the mask' day

By Laura J. Wellington

No doubt, when future generations read about the fall of The United States of America, if such historical reading is even allowed at that point, they will question how we allowed “a mask” to be the bullet that took us down. I can almost see each student sitting in front of their computers (in a world where distance learning has become norm and the great outdoors, foreign) shaking their heads and saying, “Had they only taken them off and united in protest as the illegal immigrants flooded the border, we might not have to wear these masks still today.” And they would be right.

As we sit back and watch U.S. citizens being hauled off to jail for refusing to wear a mask while illegal immigrants, many carrying COVID-19, flood our borders without a single test required, our inaction can be seen as none other than agreement with the destructive direction we are currently heading. Through it, we are agreeing with the messaging that legal citizens are automatically deemed second-class within our nation. We are agreeing never to walk around in public again without masks. We are agreeing with a nationally mandated vaccine. We are agreeing with a voiceless, vote-less existence. We are agreeing to communism over capitalism. And we are agreeing that indentured servitude is all we could ever expect for our children … most of them anyway. Certainly, not the offspring of the elite.

By sitting idly by, observing, critiquing and nothing more, we, the people, are at fault for the death of The United States of America. Not Biden, Harris, Pelosi or Schumer. Not the Democrats nor the Republicans. Simply “us,” the men and women across this nation, most of whom claim that they would take a bullet for their children if need be, but obviously not when that bullet comes in the form of “removing our masks at a pivotal moment in time in order to send a clear signal to the traitors presently running our country.” That just seems all too much. As we trade one fear for another, much greater in enormity and repercussion, today’s trajectory will continue only until we are ready to live up to the claim mentioned above.

In some ways, removing our masks now, in unison and nationally, is the most humane way of saving lives. It will reestablish the citizens of the United States as THE force to be reckoned with. It will demand the current administration answer for its lax border policies, resulting in mass illegal immigration and increased COVID-19 spread. It will send a strong signal to all politicians to reexamine their ways, especially blue state governors. It will awaken SCOTUS. God knows they need to be woken up. And it will bring our nation’s slow decline to an immediate head, saving all of us a lot of stress and worry. It might also reduce bloodshed and any additional unnecessary death.

Frankly, the longer we wait on this, the more likely violent civil disobedience will take place alongside additional deaths caused by increased spread of the virus, the distribution of EUA vaccines and the ramifications of the latter two, combined (much of which we won’t know until the next wave of COVID-19 hits). If there is one thing we all agree upon, albeit for very different reasons, new variations and strains are guaranteed.

As Vice President Kamala Harris spoke with regards to the horrific murders perpetrated against the Asian American community in Atlanta this week, “None of us should ever be silent in the face of any form of hate.” It is this single statement that I agree with. This is the reason I find myself writing this column as well as the reason I am speaking out against her, her boss and the rest of their squad of fear mongers who, according to their actions, hate the American people. How else should we interpret their inaction at the border?

It is our turn, however, to decide how we are going to meet this inaction in kind – with more of our own? Mask on or mask off? They can’t arrest 332,209,157 U.S. citizens or even half that number at the same time. We should pick a date and remove our masks together, marking a line in the sand and, quite possibly, a new national holiday to be honored in perpetuity by generations of freedom-loving children to come.

The choice is ours. The result could save our nation.

Laura J. Wellington is the creator of “Miss Laura & Lucky” as well as the founder of THREAD MB, the author of “Be Careful What You Wish For,” TEDx speaker and mother of five.

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