Today's turmoil hides the raging supernatural battle

If you are confused, dismayed, even frightened by the vast turmoil in the world right now, then perhaps you don’t understand the true nature of the battle that is raging all around us. Ukraine and possibly Taiwan are just a loud scuffle, compared to the the battles that are raging in the spiritual and supernatural realms that surround all of us.

What is the real battle? Satan and his servants – which today includes the governmental leaders of many nations, a lot of the so-called elites within these nations, corporate titans and billionaires – are waging a high-stakes war against God and His Creation, which includes God’s natural order in how heaven, earth, the children of God, the angels and demons are designed to operate.

Part of our problem in understanding today might be our designations of New Testament and Old Testament. Both deal with the same God, but they reveal different aspects of his dealings with humanity over time. There is a tendency to think that God doesn’t directly intervene in the world today, as he did in the Old Testament. I think that is an illusion that is now being dispelled.

If it hasn’t been dispelled for you yet, it soon will be, because governments are coming down, new leaders are being raised up, and national boundaries being redrawn as God shifts the world to fulfill his plans for humanity. What is it, I wonder, in God’s history with humanity that leads some to believe He will be content to cede control of the earth and the bulk of humanity to Satan, while escaping with a few of his chosen people to heaven? That reflects human thinking, with all of our limitations. God has no limitations. His possibilities are limitless. Ours are not, which is what likely leads us into placing God inside the box of our own limitations. The odd part is, He invites us to live as if we have no limitations, trusting that He will make up the difference for us, once we are engaged in the task for which He made us.

Satan, in partnership with many within big tech, big pharma and big government, is attempting a takeover of humanity’s future by turning us into a transhuman, AI-enabled, genetically modified and hacked version of humanity. This is a direct attempt to modify God’s Creation for their own benefit, from the universe down to the earth, including the tiny building blocks of our reproductive and daily existence. They want to own and control what God has already created. They want to be God.

This may not be obvious, especially in the West, since our educational establishment, entertainment industry, media and government itself has turned away from education in favor of indoctrination. From this pathetic position the government now deems itself the arbiter of truth and falsehood, depending upon which party of political liars occupy the White House and Congress. But to the extent that you know God, you will know the truth.

We simply cannot understand life, the universe, or anything else without understanding God and what he has said about us and the universe we inhabit. And you cannot understand God without reading His Words as recorded in the Bible and hearing His Voice when He speaks to you. Finally, it is best to start with reading God’s written Words, so you will have the discernment to hear and understand God’s voice from among the competing noise that often surrounds it. You cannot understand the times we are living in without discernment. In the end, acting without discernment will make you an easy prey for political speeches and election ads representing people who will end all of our freedoms and give us rule by the most corrupt monarchy that has ever existed, which is at this very time moving its chess pieces forward in an effort to checkmate God.

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All of us are on that chessboard right now, in one position or another. You are either being moved by God’s hand, or the hands of His enemies (or you have joined forces with them). I pray that God will give you the discernment to understand on which side you find yourself. If you are on the wrong side of the chessboard, the only currency God accepts is repentance, which presumes a functioning knowledge of Christ, the cross, the resurrection, prayer and God’s grace. That is why the Bible, God’s account of His history with humanity, is essential to become an educated person. Why would any educated person suppress such knowledge in others?

The reason Satan attacks the Creation account so vigorously is that he knows the Creation account tells us how we originated: We didn’t form ourselves from pond scum. We were not an accident. We were fashioned by the hand of God to become His agents in this world, with each of us given a specific goal for our life. Satan has never been able to accept God’s love for His Creation and has always tried to derail our ultimate destiny as children of God. Satan’s primary weapon against us is lying. Perhaps that will help with your discernment skills, as you listen to the world around us, including the social media world.

Is the reason for today’s turmoil becoming more clear? Certain elements of humanity have aligned themselves with Satan and entered into the battle to usurp God’s authority over His Creation, the rest of us included. Many willing actors within big pharma, big tech, big media and big government are all playing roles assigned to them by the Father of Lies, whom they have willingly embraced. Perhaps they really believe that he wouldn’t lie to them. Hell is the only kingdom Satan has any ability to share with his followers. None of them will escape God’s wrath for their attacks on His Creation.

In a world of turmoil, remember that God always wins.

Earth’s Final Kingdom (Vol 4), Armageddon Story

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