Top aide to 'sanctuary city' mayor NOW wants border shut down

Young men who identified themselves as Venezuelans stream across the border near Eagle Pass, Texas.
Young men who identified themselves as Venezuelans stream across the border near Eagle Pass, Texas. (@BillMelugin / X screen shot)

It’s been several years since Joe Biden took office and effectively opened America’s southern border to tens of thousands of illegal aliens to arrive daily.

Millions have flooded into border states since then and officials there repeatedly have called on Biden to close the door, halting the flow, as President Donald Trump had done largely with policies and fencing.

But now, after thousands of those aliens have been moved from border states to longtime sanctuary locations like New York City, one aide to Mayor Eric Adams has become an activist on the issue.

Insisting that Biden shut off the stream.

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A report at the Gothamist explains Ingrid Lewis-Martin, Adams’ senior adviser, said, “We need the federal government, the Congress members, the Senate and the president to do its job: close the borders.”

She said, “And until you close the borders, you need to come up with a full-on decompression strategy where you can take all of our migrants and move them throughout all of our 50 states.”

The charges mark “an escalation in the rhetoric” from New York City officials on the migrant crisis. Officials there estimated more than 116,000 have arrived in New York City since April 2022.

Conservatives in Congress already have made the same claim multiple times. Specifically they’ve asked for a return of Trump’s “remain in Mexico policy” that kept, until it was canceled by Biden, asylum-seekers from entering the country until their cases were processed in court.

The aide’s comments also came just as New York’s lawyers are challenging a longstanding right-to-shelter law, and contended the city “should not have to shelter all of these immigrants.”

Estimates are that the city last year spent some $2 billion to care for the newcomers.

Fabien Levy, the city’s deputy mayor for communications, later posted on social media a response: “To be very clear, and as @NYCMayor has said over and over again, of course this nation should continue to welcome immigrants — both those seeking asylum and those who are not. The U.S. will always do its part to be a country that takes in those seeking refuge from war, discrimination, & strife. But as we’ve stated repeatedly, we need a real decompression strategy at the border so that all communities across the U.S. can do their part in providing the compassion & care NYC has provided to more than 118,000 asylum seekers since last year.”

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