Transgender athletes and the effeminizing of men

Even though it should be a common-sense issue, the transgendered male entering into competitive events with biological females has become a political hot topic pushed by the left. Due to leftists’ long lost sense of reality and their shear idiocy, they have become oblivious to basic psychological, musculoskeletal and physiological differences between the two genders from birth, which amplify through puberty into adulthood, as I highlight here and in which the following points are illustrated in detail.

  • The performance differences between boys and girls, even before puberty with a few exceptions, is significantly favorable to the male, and it is not negligible.
  • The displacement of many females, even before puberty, of the experience of winning a competitive event vs. just competing, would have a profound negative effect on women’s sports.
  • The musculoskeletal and physiological differences of any biological male acquire prior to and going through puberty are enormous with regard to greater cardiac output, both lower and upper body muscle mass and strength, lower fat mass, increased lung volume and ventilation capabilities, skeletal geometry, increased hemoglobin concentration, which would increase oxygen carrying capacity, greater number of fast twitch fibers for explosiveness and sprinting, etc.

Regardless of the innate objective advantages males have over female regarding physical performance issues, the left chants that they do not. As example, the ACLU states:

  • “FACT: Trans athletes do not have an unfair advantage in sports.”
  • “MYTH: Trans athletes’ physiological characteristics provide an unfair advantage over cis athletes.”
  • “FACT: Trans girls are girls.”
  • “MYTH: Sex is binary, apparent at birth, and identifiable through singular biological characteristics.”

The left’s attempt to make sports participation more “inclusive” for the transgender athlete, a right the transgender should expect to forfeit once he has made that decision, actually excludes far more that it includes, as many females will rightfully refuse to compete against the steroid-like advantages the misguided male brings to the competition. Additionally, because of the performance-enhancing advantages the transgender male to female athlete possesses, it may force some female athletes to consider the use of steroids in order to level the competition.

But there is another matter the transgender in sports issue brings to the discussion, which is the cultural push to make women more like men and men more like women. This push for men to be more effeminate can be observed on any media forum, beginning with children’s programming, resulting in large numbers of males who now have the demeanor of women vs. that of their biological sex. The epitome of this is our effeminate governing bodies that are pushing the drafting of women into military service. Men, the term used loosely here, who oversee the governance of our society are often the antithesis of courage. Instead of leading on how we are supposed to treat women with dignity, respect and kindness, and to protect them at all cost, they wish to send females into the front lines of the battlefield to fight for them, pile drive them into the wrestling mat, or face plant them into the turf on the football field, under the guise of diversity and equal opportunity. These are not men but effeminate fools.

As Pastor John MacArthur points out in his sermon “Act Like Men,” “Real men face life with fortitude. They’re watchful of the dangers around them. They’re alert. They’re protectors of their wives and children, and of their friends and all the people over whom they have influence. They have convictions about what is true [my emphasis]. They have courage to live out those convictions and the strength to be unwavering when those convictions will cost them everything. Your convictions, they’re only real convictions if they hold up under the most intense pressure. …

“[Real] men don’t give in to fear. Men don’t give in to pressure. Men don’t give in to intimidation, and they don’t give in to temptation. They don’t seek the easy way. They will take the pain, they will invite the risk, they will confront the challenge, and they will not bow to the pressure to compromise the commandments of God. Strength of a man is that he lives on principle, that he lives on conviction, that he has the courage of those convictions, stands strong against everything that comes at those convictions, bravely faces the challenges in a fortified way. Manly fortitude means contending with difficulty, facing every enemy, meeting the enemy head on, bearing the pain, maintaining self-discipline, upholding truth, pressing on to the goal. That’s what defines a man.”

Men and women are fully equal in terms of dignity and worth, as emphasized by Owen Strachan at Answers in Genesis. Manhood and womanhood are divinely created realities, and the sexes (binary) are not dreamed up by repressive authoritarians. It is God who made manhood, and God who made womanhood. Additionally, we should not follow the culture in separating sex from gender. We don’t have to change the Bible’s vocabulary or apologize for what it says.

Pastor Dale Partridge points out that men should learn masculinity from Jesus. His boldness, His fearlessness, His sacrificial love and His resolve. He is the ultimate provider and protector. Christ was masculine, not effeminate. In addition, Partridge states, “More churches are ordaining women as pastors which is a direct attempt to flip the biblical order of feminine submission to husbands, fathers, and biblical elders upside down. In short, we have, in a very real way, emasculated the local church.”

He correctly adds, “The gender-role distortion and infatuation with egalitarianism have contributed to great confusion in the church of what it means to be a biblical man or woman. It has left women fighting for leadership and left men without direction in their role in marriage, church, and family. In fact, I strongly believe this has been the enemy’s central strategy for this generation. He has influenced the church to such a place of feminine emotion that when the time comes for masculine boldness, fearlessness, sacrifice, and resolve, the church (and culture) will be grossly unprepared.”

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