Trump's 3 key failures and why I'm supporting DeSantis

“Why are you for Ron DeSantis?”

This is a question I get from many friends who support Donald Trump for president.

First, let me be clear about my position on Trump: I am grateful for the good things he did for America. And I abhor how the Department of Justice is weaponized against him, and I’ll continue to speak out about this grave immorality.

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But being appreciative of his service and deciding who can beat Joe Biden in 2024 are two very different issues.

There are several major failures of Donald Trump that our children will continue to suffer from if there’s not a new, proven conservative fighter in the White House ASAP. That person is Ron DeSantis, AND he’s also the only one who can beat Joe Biden. (More on Gov. DeSantis further down.)

Here are Trump’s key presidential failures:

1) President Trump gave control of the entire COVID crisis to Anthony Fauci – a Deep State bureaucrat. The result? Massive lockdowns, a disastrous economy, coerced vaccinations, children barred from school and small businesses going under, just for starters. Equally disturbing are the growth and power of Big Government’s and Big Pharma’s control of health care over virtually every aspect of our lives.

Donald Trump’s colossal failed handling of COVID became the blueprint and gave “cover” to increased control over our lives under Joe Biden. This one massive error in Trump’s governance created a tsunami of problems from which we may never fully recover without speedy action by a new president.

2) Where’s the wall? (And how much did Mexico pay for what is there?)

Donald Trump failed to deliver on his biggest campaign promise, resulting in increased deaths of Americans within our own country due to deadly drugs pouring over our border, as well as the sickening increase in human trafficking. Some 150 Americans die every single day from illegal drug poisoning, and fentanyl is now the leading cause of death for Americans age 18-45. Trump’s inability to protect our southern border was a colossal failure.

3) Donald Trump showed an incredible lack of discernment about the woke culture rising up all around us, as well as how to recognize and destroy the Deep State that is weaponizing on behalf of woke policies. For the four years of his presidency, he failed to advance parental rights, protect our children from transgender nonsense, or to safeguard women’s sports. The truth is, Donald Trump contributed to the promotion of the woke agenda through some of his own businesses over the years as well as while president. He had a duty to do an “about face” as president on these critical cultural issues and eliminate the bureaucrats promoting them – but he either totally missed the threats or simply didn’t care.

Gov. DeSantis’ “first freedom” reaction to COVID lockdowns is unmatched. He kept Florida open, prevented houses of worship from being shut down and protected Floridians from vaccine mandates. Florida has a booming economy while much of the rest of the country is still struggling. And it’s all because of decisive action by a strong leader who would not stand by and allow freedom or families to suffer. As is characteristic of DeSantis, he also strategically looked toward the future and championed laws in Florida that prevent any new mandates from being forced on the people.

Regarding our porous border: DeSantis will declare a national emergency, deploy troops to protect our people and our border, increase technological surveillance and quickly build the wall. After Hurricane Ian destroyed major bridges in Southwest Florida, Gov. DeSantis directed the fastest rebuild of such complex structures in our nation’s history. As he said in the first GOP debate, he understands how to be “mission focused” and get the job done. He’s a military war hero, for goodness’ sake, who was deployed in hell holes like Fallujah. I have no doubt that he will leave murderous drug traffickers “stone cold dead” should they dare continue to try and harm Americans.

As for the woke culture? From breaking down the power of the Florida NEA while increasing teachers’ pay, to protecting K-12 school children from ideological gender and CRT nonsense; to making it a felony to mutilate a child, Ron DeSantis has, and is, bludgeoning the Left’s radical agenda. He’s long been a champion for the preborn, has established a conservative Florida Supreme Court, protected women’s sports, enacted school choice for every Florida child, and knows how to rebuild the military and free it from the current president’s woke stranglehold.

Governor DeSantis is right: America is in decline. Ron DeSantis is the only one who can quickly revive America on every front.


This article was originally published by the WND News Center.

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