Trump's Truth Social platform hitting on all cylinders with Americans

Donald Trump

President Trump was censored from virtually all the mainstream social media companies because his political views conflicted with theirs back when he was president. They condemned his perspectives as “misinformation” while claiming their own opinions were “fact.”

And it wasn’t long before reports were appearing about his plans to create his own platform, and Truth Social is in the process now of signing up consumers.

And it’s hitting on all cylinders with the public, reveals a new analysis by Just the News.

Just the News chief John Solomon, for example, reported he put a story on Twitter this week – about 20 confirmed cases of voting illegalities and irregularities during the 2020 presidential election – and got 871 likes and 551 retweets – from a total of 866,500 followers.

But when the same details were posted on Truth Social, he immediately got 1,480 likes and 1,030 re-truths, even though there were only 24,700 followers on his account.

“Conservatives say the early Truth Social anecdotes seem to support two theories they have had for year: Twitter has been throttling or shadow-banning some content, while new platforms that allow free speech are booming with engagement from people tired of the censorship,” he explained.

He also cited radio host and TV commentator Dan Bongino, whose army on Twitter is 2.4 million strong.

In a few weeks, he’s gathered one-tenth that on Truth Social.

But this week his Twitter message “Panic Breaks Out Over The Ukraine Bio-Labs Story” got 554 likes and 185 retweets while the same message on Truth Social got 1,550 likes and 488 re-truths.

“The traffic to the site and to the show is off the chart,” Bongino explained to Just the News.

He ridiculed legacy media claims that Truth Social is getting a slow start.

“A handful of liberal reporters get an account on Truth, can’t attract any followers because no one wants to hear them, and then they report it isn’t working,” he explained.

The Just the News survey a survey of major figures who have both Truth Social and Twitter accounts found numerous examples of the Trump platform “outperforming the engagement of the grand old daddy of 140-character tweets.”

It cited House Republican Whip Steve Scalise, R-La., whose message about skyrocketing gas prices under Joe Biden “attracted 3,780 likes and 1,460 re-truths” on Truth Social, but only “1,132 and 411,” on the other platform.

Twitter’s user base is reportedly 396 million worldwide, while Truth Social has a fraction, the report said.

“While Trump’s media team has not announced any numbers, Truth Social is believed to have fewer than 1 million users onboarded and more than double that total waiting to get on in the first few weeks of soft launch and testing. It plans to open up to all users by month’s end. The pace of new accounts has been accelerating to several thousand an hour,” the report said.

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