Truth & lies: Do we believe media, or our own eyes?

We have reached a remarkable place in our national condition where it is so accepted that the current political narrative is equal to “truth,” whatever that narrative may be at the moment, that important people are perfectly comfortable telling obvious lies and relaxing in the comfort they will not be held accountable.

This week in testimony before Congress, FBI Director Christopher Wray claimed the bureau had no evidence of antifa or “fake Trump supporters” participating in the Jan. 6, 2021, protests on Capitol Hill. This in spite of the fact the FBI actually investigated and arrested now former-antifa activist John Sullivan, who posted publicly on social media of his plans to infiltrate the crowd of Trump supporters and taking pictures and video of himself disguised in MAGA paraphernalia while screaming obscenities trying to encourage the crowd to go into the Capitol building. Americans can see the pictures, watch the video and read the indictment for themselves, but the political narrative is the opposite of reality. And so, we are told – under oath – that the “truth” is the opposite of what we see with our own eyes.

On March 25, 2020, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo issued an order requiring nursing homes in that state to accept known COVID patients. As a result, coronavirus ran rampant through New York nursing homes, killing thousands of elderly patients. In late May, the state’s Health Department quietly removed the order from its website. As anger and accusations against Cuomo swelled from the grief of thousands of New York families over lost loved ones, the governor lashed back at them. More than five months after the results of his shockingly lethal order were undeniable, Andrew Cuomo denied it, anyway, stating that “it never happened.” He went on to blame nursing home staff and the families of the deceased for infecting and causing the death of their loved ones. But compare New York to Florida, a state with a higher overall population and higher population of elderly, but dramatically fewer coronavirus deaths. What was the big difference between these two large states? Florida’s COVID response sought to protect the elderly from the virus, while Cuomo’s order packing coronavirus patients into nursing homes was a death sentence for thousands of elderly New Yorkers who had no way to escape and were the most vulnerable.

Then in January the Cuomo administration admitted to dramatically underreporting COVID deaths, including undercounting the state’s nursing home deaths by nearly 50%. In February, Cuomo’s top aide, Melissa DeRosa, admitted in a conference call with Democratic lawmakers that the Cuomo administration intentionally lied about the state’s COVID numbers, citing fear of a federal investigation and blaming President Trump for making them scared to tell the truth. Notwithstanding these incredible revelations, within a few days Cuomo reversed again, angrily insisting that “all deaths … were always fully, publicly and accurately reported.”

It is as though reality has no influence in what is said or what is repeated by the adoring mainstream media for their political heroes.

One would think the death toll alone in New York would be enough to cause media elites to offer critiques of Cuomo, or at least report the truth. Instead, the media’s response to the incredibly disastrous COVID response in New York has been to celebrate the governor for his excellent leadership. Cuomo was even given an Emmy Award for some peculiar reason to commemorate his brilliance. At the same time, leftists and media have mercilessly attacked governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem in South Dakota as monsters presiding over mountains of dead bodies, while both states have dramatically better COVID outcomes by any measure than New York. One deranged writer at a national mainstream publication even went so far as to demand all COVID dead be buried at Donald Trump’s home in Florida. For this political sect, their politics is their only reality.

It is this alternate reality to which Gov. Kristi Noem was referring on Saturday in her speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando. Noem pointed out the glaring difference between the media beatdown she received for South Dakota’s COVID response while, at the same time, Cuomo was lionized by the media as a compassionate genius for the deadly disaster over which he presided in New York. At one point, when she appeared on the same episode of ABC News’ “This Week” as Andrew Cuomo, host (and former Bill Clinton attack dog) George Stephanopoulos asked Cuomo to give Gov. Noem advice on how to properly handle COVID in South Dakota. Incredible!

The most remarkable aspect of this alternate reality in which American elites choose to reside is not the fact that it exists, but how aggressively they are willing to insist that alternate reality is true and that the actual reality we can all see is, in fact, a lie. They start with the story they want to be true and then ignore all facts, statistics, photos, video – even their own previous words – and any other inconvenient truth to create their own alternate reality with which to attack their political opponents. We saw this play out for years with the Russian collusion hoax, the 2000 election recounts and even the October Surprise accusations against President Reagan. When political elites, supported by their allies in media and the tech sector, and ordinary people cannot even agree on reality, one has to wonder how much longer we can pretend there is any hope of actually governing or addressing our nation’s pressing issues.

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