Tucker Carlson warns China has created 'largest prison camp in human history'

Tucker Carlson of Fox News (video screenshot)
Tucker Carlson of Fox News (video screenshot)

You remember the COVID lockdowns well. Those drastic orders that closed down church services in America but allowed abortion businesses to operate. That sent millions of kids home to learn on their laptops.

It was even worse in China, where the virus apparently originated, likely with help from the Chinese Communist Party.

There, some people were welded into their homes and some ultimately starved to death.

“Authorities in hazmat suits dragged screaming citizens into vans and then drove them to internment camps. Watching this, you could barely believe it. China seemed to have gone insane, moving from authoritarian to dystopian in a single day,” according to a report from Fox News Tucker Carlson, who now has updated the situation by warning that it’s happening all over again.

In a column, he explained the history of the Chinese lockdowns, and the damage that was done, the lives lost.

He cited the dangerous side effects from the vaccines, and the fact that free countries are lifting their restrictions.

“Next will come the apologies and then in the free countries at least, lawsuits and criminal charges against the people who did this. So, we’re just beginning to reckon with the nightmare that all of us have lived through, and it’s impossible to imagine living through it again,” he said.

“But in China, they are living through it again. The government of China has just completely shut down the city of Shanghai. Shanghai is the biggest city in the country. It’s one of the largest cities in the world. More than 25 million people live in Shanghai and the lockdown there is, by all accounts, more brutal and more far-reaching than anything we saw in Wuhan two years ago.

He cited a CNN report about authorities sealing doors so as to keep people inside, using bicycle locks and padlocks.

“So for one, CNN is not exaggerating. You have 25 million people locked inside their homes. You have the largest prison camp in human history. Anyone who tests positive for COVID is shoved into a van and then taken to a quarantine camp,” Carlson reported.

There, “mattresses are strewn on the floor of cells. There’s no water. There’s just one shared toilet,” he said.

One of the operations of the government is to smash family pets to death when they are left behind by owners who are taken to COVID camps, he said.

Carlson explained Liang Wannian, of China’s National Health Commission, recently said in an interview for the government newspaper, the People’s Daily, that, “China adheres to COVID zero. “China’s socialist system has a strong ability to organize and mobilize, which will help it ensure the success of the COVID zero strategy.”

“Has there ever been a clearer picture of what hell is like? 25 million people imprisoned in concrete apartment blocks, screaming for help and slowly starving. In the words of a Western journalist called Jaap Grolleman who is apparently stuck in Shanghai, ‘This is the biggest, richest, most international city in China and people are starving without medicine, without freedom. Parents are separated from their children. The military is on the streets, and Shanghai’s optimism has ground to a halt.’ But it’s worse than that. Some in Shanghai are so desperate they are crying out for food,” Carlson reported.

He said the evidence all shows it is not COVID that is causing the trouble.

“The problem is Shanghai itself. Shanghai is probably the freest place in China. It’s certainly got more foreign nationals than any city in China. They’re drawn by the trade that revolves around its historic port. So, by Chinese standards, Shanghai is an independent-minded city, and that’s the problem. For authoritarians, independent mindedness is the main threat. If you’re the head of the Communist Party of China and you’re trying to run a highly volatile country of 1.4 billion people from Beijing, naturally your top concern always will be Shanghai,” he explained.

He explained China’s rulers want to stay in power “forever” and are using COVID to dot hat.

“They’re pretty sure COVID restrictions work. They watched our last presidential election closely. Now, how should we respond to this? If you believe in democracy, this is repugnant. Twenty-five million people just lost their most basic human rights. So, the question is, is anyone in the Biden administration, which is constantly lecturing us about democracy and human rights, said anything about this? Has the State Department issued an angry denunciation of Xi Jinping? Is the U.S. government threatening sanctions against China for building the world’s largest prison camp? Well, of course not.”

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