‘Twas the night before election, and all through the center,
Everyone was in bed, thinking we had a winner;
But then in the night, vans began to appear,
Carrying boxes and boxes, the election to steer;

“All votes must be counted,” someone gave the shout,
All joined in the fix, knowing what was about;
You see they’d determined, who it was that must win,
Even though they were cheating, knowing it was a sin;

I heard someone shout, “This one’s blank, what to do?”
“Don’t worry”, was answered, “Just mark the dot true”;
But then it was heard, “We don’t have enough,
With all of our boxes and all of our stuff”;

But then another answer, rang out so clear,
“Run them more than once,” as all gave a cheer;
Was this a Republic? Was this a true vote?
“Don’t worry, don’t worry, just get in our boat”;

“We’ll take care of you, feed you, and meet all your need,
As long as you’re needed,” she said smoking weed;
So the “voting” continued, and continue it did,
Way beyond time, in the darkness they hid;

Mail-in ballots not folded, no address, and no name,
It was rather odd, that they all looked the same;
But copiers do well, to copy their prize,
To make us a duplicate, right before our eyes;

“And if in the end, there is still not enough,
Don’t worry, our internet will fix all that stuff”;
So onward and downward, through the night they all went,
To elect all their candidates, they were hell-bent;

And when in the morning, to everyone’s surprise,
A Democrat was elected, right before our eyes;
“He’ll save us, he’ll help us, and give money too!”
As he lines his own pockets, with much Chinese Fu’;

O’ he forgot, about those who helped him,
‘Cause he was too busy, helping his brother Jim;
And as his son, had a scandal a day,
All of the newscasters just looked away;

“But I’ll eat my ice cream, and forget where I am,
Don’t worry fake-news’ll get me out of a jam”;
And as our country rolls belly up,
Joe watches and drinks, from his sippy cup.

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