U.K. lawmaker likens 'prayer sessions' to 'corrective rape'

A British lawmaker campaigning against so-called “conversion therapy” condemned “prayer sessions” as an abhorrent practice along with the likes of electroshocks and “corrective rape.”

Member of Parliament Alicia Kearns defined “conversion therapy” as any attempt to stop someone from expressing their chosen gender identity or sexual orientation, said the U.K.’s Christian Institute.

She said a ban must include “not only conversion therapy to change sexual orientation” but also “non-consensual attempts to prevent someone from expressing their own identity.”

Kearns said the problem is that there is no way for criminal charges to be filed if there is no physical harm.

She insists on a ban on “not only conversation therapy to change sexual orientation” but also “non-consensual attempts to prevent someone from expressing their own identity.”

Parents, especially, should face charges if they are facilitating such therapy for their children.

Ciarán Kelly, deputy director of the Christian Institute, said: “It is outrageous to suggest that praying with someone is in any way comparable to rape. Christians everywhere naturally oppose the abusive practices mentioned. But they are already illegal.”

Kelly said that banning “prayer and pastoral care of people with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender confusion would be unacceptable.”

“And parents everywhere will be horrified at the prospect of being threatened with a court order for warning their kids off damaging puberty blockers,” he said.

Kearns’ said the impact of conversion therapy “is deeply harmful, causing life-long difficulties in forming relationships, experiencing positive emotions and maintaining self-esteem as well as painful physical manifestations of abuse.”

She said any ban “must include not only conversion therapy to change sexual orientation, but also attempts to prevent, against the individual’s wishes, a gender transition.”

Kelly said the activists’ “shocking game plan is out in the open for all to see.”

“They want to exploit public revulsion at claims of ‘corrective rape’ in order to criminalize fundamental Christian practices, and make it illegal for parents to protect their kids,” he said “It is alarming to see an MP driving such a radical agenda.”

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