U.S. Secret Service urged to stop concealing Hunter Biden's travel

The U.S. Secret Service is being told to fess up about the travels of Hunter Biden, in pursuit of his myriad international private business deals, on Air Force Two while his father was vice president for Barack Obama.

The Washington Examiner is reporting Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley of Iowa have written to the federal agency insisting on access to “full travel records” for Hunter Biden.

They want the Secret Service to quit concealing information about Hunter Biden’s activities.

It’s well-known that he repeatedly traveled aboard Air Force Two while Joe Biden was vice president in pursuit of his private business deals with foreign entities. He came back from a trip to China at that time to announce a multimillion dollar business agreement.

The Examiner said the senators “have long sought” access to the records regarding Hunter Biden’s “use of government-sponsored travel while he conducted private business.”

Now, in a letter to Secret Service director James Murray, the senators point out that the government agency gave up 259 pages of records but redacted much of the information.

“These inappropriate redactions impede our offices’ ability to understand the full scope of the interactions between Hunter Biden, his associates, and the USSS,” the letter explains. “The USSS hid names and other information contained in email conversations regarding Hunter Biden without any proper legal justification.”

The Examiner specifically noted that it has reported on emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop computer – abandoned at a repair shop – that revealed he set a meeting in 2014 with then-prime minister of Kazakhstan, Karim Massimov, regarding Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company.

The report explained, “While serving on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, Biden shared a close business relationship with Massimov during his second stint as Kazakhstan’s prime minister from 2014 through 2016. Massimov was arrested earlier this month by Kazakh authorities on allegations of treason.”

The issue involves Hunter Biden, his Rosemont Seneca business partner and fellow Burisma board member Devon Archer, and Ukrainian officials.

Johnson and Grassley noted that the Secret Service records fail to reveal if Secret Service officials or Hunter Biden traveled to Kazakhstan in May or June 2014.

The report explained the emails indicate Hunter Biden reported that his Secret Service detail was “annoyed” when he ditched them to pursue private deals in Kazakhstan.

The senators also point out that the Secret Service failed to produce records for 2010, 2011 and 2013, even though it is known that “Hunter Biden made trips to China and other destinations around the world, including, Russia, Italy, Spain, and Mexico.”

Hunter Biden is under a criminal investigation related to his taxes and potentially tied to his foreign business dealings.

He’s also been a nearly unending source of scandal for his father. His abandoned laptop has revealed suggestions, according to former Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, of “child porn” on its drive.

Further, it has confirmed Hunter Biden’s drug-fueled, prostitute-linked lifestyle with multiple shady business deals with officials from China, Russia and more.

The New York Post’s documentation of the revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop appeared in the news just before the 2020 election, but other legacy media outlets censored and suppressed the information, as did multiple social media giants.

Then shortly after the election a Media Research Center poll found that nearly one-third of voters who chose Joe Biden were not aware of the evidence linking the former vice president to corrupt financial dealings with China and other nations through his son. Hunter. Had they known, according to the survey, President Trump would have won at least 289 Electoral College votes.

Now, after years of apparently selling access to his father, Hunter Biden, as an amateur artist, is selling paintings for as much as $500,000.

That Joe Biden could be involved in a number of ways has been confirmed by Joe Biden himself.

When Hunter Biden, without experience, was being paid tens of thousands of dollars a month to be on the board of Burisma, that company was under investigation for corruption.

The prosecutor soon was fired, however. After Joe Biden demanded that under a threat of loss of American aid.

Joe Biden, as vice president, met with Ukrainian officials, and he returned home to brag about how he threatened the nation with withholding $1 billion in American aid if they didn’t get rid of the prosecutor.

A French website reported the prosecutor, Victor Shokin, later filed a criminal complaint naming Joe Biden and accusing him of committing a “criminal offense” in his campaign to get Shokin fired.

Columnist Byron York, at the time, explained why the stories about Hunter Biden’s dealings are so important:

“Remember a key fact here: Joe Biden has said repeatedly that he never knew about his son’s business dealings. If what [New York Post columnist Miranda] Devine is reporting is correct, Biden made those claims after having financially benefited from his son’s business dealings and after having been a part of some of his son’s business events. Again: The Hunter Biden laptop story is not about Hunter Biden. It’s about Joe Biden,” he wrote.

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