Ukraine: A new narrative everyone can enjoy!

“All right, fellow Democrats and comrades, we’ve pushed the divisive narratives as far as this election cycle will allow. Now, at last, we have one that everyone can enjoy!”

Did anyone actually say that? Who knows? But as we watch the international soap opera, “As the One World Turns,” performed daily before our eyes, it really seems like someone must have said it.

“Ladies and gentlemen, introducing our newest series, ‘The Edge of the Apocalypse,’ featuring the unholy villain, Vladimir Putin, and his dread army of Zombies versus the heroic and virtuous citizens of the free democracy of Ukraine.”

Maybe by now you were also wishing these imaginary voices in your head would just stop, but it seems they’ve been intentionally activated by noises coming from these devices we can’t quite seem to put down.

Oh, well, if we can’t avoid the choices put before us, to affirm or deny the day’s narratives, at least we can try to peek around behind them, or just see through them, to what seems most likely real.

Sometimes idiocy does us a favor by indelibly imprinting certain events into memory, those rare moments we can never un-see. Our special thanks go out to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, under Obama, handing her Russian counterpart a big red button which was supposed to say “Reset” on it, but translated into Russian, actually read “Overcharged.” Perhaps it was an intended reference to the exorbitant fees Bill got for speechifying to the Dumas, but most likely simple idiocy explains it.

This all inspires a certain memory, that in the not too distant past the Democrats had quite a love fest going on with Lady Russia and her lovely rubles. But, when the onslaught of the Fascist Ogre Trump began, a handy new enemy was needed. And it certainly wasn’t going to be the real cash cow of China.

Oh, Russia! We loved you so when you threw off the tyrannical yolk of communism! If only Bill Clinton had then seen your emergent freedoms as something more than a new opportunity where he and his cronies could make a killing!

And truth be told, we were all rather taken by the apparent rebirth and blossoming of that long-suppressed Russian Orthodox Christian culture.

So, we come to a question. A very pointed question. Who really started this war?

OK, Putin. He invaded Ukraine. Horrible. Period. But who set the stage?

It was Donald Trump’s fault, of course. Ask anyone with a “D” by their name. And in a way it was. He had been toying with the idea of building a Trumpian tower in Moscow, before throwing his hat into the presidential ring – which was more than the elite lying class could ignore, so rich it was in possibilities for slander. Henceforth the H. Clinton campaign could base half its otherwise threadbare platform on the charge that Trump was just a dupe of Vlad, and then base her entire blame-shifting campaign, after she lost, on the Russian-Trump collusion to steal the election. Well, on top of all the other excuses, of course.

And there it goes again, idiocy’s hallmark reminder that back in the day (historically about two minutes ago), it was completely normal and expected that Democrats who lost would shout “Stolen Election!” Whereas now, any suggestion that 2020 wasn’t exactly kosher is plainly assigned to the realm of Traitorous, Seditious, Insurrectionist, Enemies of Democracy! My! My! How fashions do change!

The leftist challenges to Trump’s legitimacy and the following three years of “Russiagate” nonsense undeniably interfered with the obvious need to befriend our fellow (at least nominally) Christian nation, in a world of hostile jihadists and communists. But Trump never really had the option of sending Vlad an “Overcharged” button. Every wish to reach out had to be measured against a certainty of accusation and vilification, and a consequent expenditure of political capital.

Our premise should be that the Democrats, whose sole principle is to gain power, regardless of the cost, poisoned the possibilities for diplomacy with Russia, long before the present atrocities began.

We should not be too harsh on those who seem to want to defend the Monster Putin. The better part of his Dr. Frankenstein is the American Democratic Party. He is a needless enemy, with whom we should have long since allied against the infinitely greater Chinese (and jihadi) threat.

Another impulse behind the apparent defenses of the Russian aggression and the judgments against the virtues of Ukraine has more to do with the desperate wish on all our parts to stay the hell out of it and to do nothing that might cause it to escalate into the distinctly undesirable epilogue to “The Edge of the Apocalypse.”

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