Ukrainian border more important than U.S. boundary to nearly 6 of 10 Dems

The Ukrainian border is more important to nearly 6 of 10 Democrats in America than the United States’ own border with Mexico.

That’s confirmed by a poll from Rasmussen Reports, which said 57% of responding Democrats said the Ukrainian boundary is more important to protect than the American border.

It is Paul Bedard in his Washington Examiner column who detailed the survey results.

As Russian President Vladimir Putin this week was dispatching tens of thousands of soldiers into Ukraine to attack and kill its citizens, a full 57% of Democrats said protecting Ukraine’s border is a priority.

The poll also showed even though Joe Biden has claimed, based on his decades as a Washington insider in the Senate and as vice president, expertise in foreign policy, Americans disagree with him.

“Sixty-four percent rated Biden’s handling of the conflict fair to poor. An equal amount said his ‘handling’ of national security issues was fair to poor,” Bedard reported .

Rasmussen said those rating Biden “poor” dominated the survey. In it, 49% called Biden’s handling of the crisis poor, while 51% said his foreign policy is poor, the report said.

Overall, 53% of respondents said defending the U.S. border is more important, a number that included 74% of Republicans and 54% of independents.

Joining the 57% of Democrats who chose the Ukrainian border were 67% of those who called themselves liberals, the report said.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It’s hard to believe, but from day one the Biden-Harris administration has literally engineered a full-scale foreign invasion of the USA. Yet the devastating consequences and long-term repercussions of this ongoing national invasion remain virtually unreported by the establishment media. As unthinkable as their invade-America policy is, the reason Team Biden implements it is every bit as depraved: It’s all so the Democratic Party – currently led almost entirely by deranged, lying, power-obsessed autocrats – can remain in power in America forever. The reality of all this and much more is devastatingly documented and explored in the February 2022 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine (available in print and digital editions), titled “BIDEN’S BORDER BETRAYAL: Secret night flights, rampant criminality and 100,000 dead Americans.”

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