Ultimately, it's China that's behind the Russia/Ukraine war

My first ministry trip to Russia was in October of 2006. My wife and I flew to Vladivostok in the Russian far east by way of Seoul, South Korea, then were transported north by car along the roughly 400-mile easternmost Russian/Chinese border to Khabarovsk, where we boarded the Trans-Siberian Railway for a 22-hour train trip westward along northern border of China, which is defined by the Amur River. Our “sleeper” train car was an antique straight out of “Dr. Zhivago,” with beautifully hand-carved woodwork, red velvet curtains and an ornate silver samovar in the common area. There had been a few Soviet modifications, including a complete remodel of the bathroom in ugly utilitarian stainless steel, and our car’s stern and stocky matron could have played the formidable Rosa Klebb in the James Bond film “To Russia With Love.”

Our destination was the city of Blagoveshchensk on the north bank of the Amur, over which a well-used bridge connects Blago with Heihe, its Chinese counterpart on the south bank. Blago was the first stop in my year-long speaking tour of the former Soviet Union. Later we would take a second train trip – five days long – from Siberia to St. Petersburg, which reinforced my impression of Russia as very sparsely populated.

While in Blago we visited a museum dedicated to the history of the Cossacks, whose curator (a descendant of Cossacks) was a leader in the movement to revive its culture. He was like a Russian “Indiana Jones” whose office was crammed with bookcases and tables piled high with gold and silver Russian Orthodox icons of every size and type, antique Cossack weaponry, statues, artwork and countless mysterious exotic treasures we could not identify. He gave us a personal tour of the museum and told us the history of his Cossack people: essentially a military culture of self-sufficient warrior tribes for the government and defense of the Russian frontiers.

Cossack history is important to this article because it highlights the fragility of Russia’s national security relative to China. Russia is geographically the largest country in the world, 11 time zones wide, boasting what is probably the world’s greatest storehouse of natural resources but with a total population of just over 145 million people, mostly in the western half (compared to a U.S. population of more than 330 million in an area one-third the size). It shares a 2,500-mile border with the 1.4 billion people of China. It was the duty of the Cossacks to protect that border.

I’ve cited Hollywood movies three times in this article to make a second important point: Americans know almost nothing about Russia except what we’ve seen in the movies or read in Tom Clancy novels. Far too many Americans still think of Russia as a Communist country run by KGB agents, and those with a profit motive to ensure perpetual wars around the world work very hard to keep that perspective of Russia alive. For James Bond (and the real-world warmongers) to have a career, there must be a master villain somewhere out there scheming endlessly to destroy the world.

It’s hard to avoid being manipulated by Hollywood and the New York-dominated news media, especially if you get your news through visual media like television, which bypass the thinking part of your brain and go straight for the emotions. But if you turn off the TV and reassess current events logically, it’s much easier to avoid thinking what the propagandists want you to think, and to come to your own, more rational and objective conclusions.

Who really is the greatest human enemy of humanity in the world? It is the Marxists. Why? Because Marxists of all stripes reject God, embrace totalitarianism as both a governmental system and a way-of-life, and relentlessly work to conquer, destroy and replace all other beliefs and systems across the globe, most especially Judeo-Christian civilization. Marxism is the ultimate humanity-enslaving virus.

Which is the most powerful, fully Marxist country in the world? That is obviously China, a Communist slave state of 1.4 billion souls on the brink of surpassing the United States as the dominant economic power of the world.

If not for the adverb “fully,” one might be tempted to say the United States instead of China, for obvious reasons, but there is still a large plurality of Bible-believing Christians in America and enough of our Bible-based constitutional republic still intact to preserve the hope of an overthrow of the Marxist elites in 2022 and ’24 (unless the propagandists successfully split and neutralize the MAGA movement over Russia and Ukraine).

And, importantly, America’s Marxist overlords are really elite-captured Chinese agents. China doesn’t need to wage kinetic war against the West and couldn’t win such a war. But it has been successfully waging a war of infiltration and assimilation ever since the first Bush administration. It is no accident that America’s great engine of economic power, our industrial base, now belongs to China, and that our top leaders in nearly every social and political realm embrace Marxist ideals. Joe Biden’s sell-out to Iran makes no sense except to serve Chinese interests.

This next answer may shock you if you’ve allowed the propagandists to define reality for you, but what country represents the greatest threat to China in the world today?

It is the largely re-Christianized nation of Russia. Christianity has ever been the nemesis of Marxism, but even more importantly, Russia is by far the most significant country ever to have overthrown its Marxist government and replaced it with a Christian one (or at least heavily Christian-influenced one). That rejection of Marxism for Christianity so infuriating to the Western elites, especially on the issue of sexual morality, is the real reason we get non-stop anti-Russian dogma in our media. (Though China, like the former Soviet Union, only pushes destructive sexual perversion OUTSIDE its borders).

Today’s Russian culture may still seem overly authoritarian to Americans, but to the enslaved billions of China it is a beacon of freedom whose very existence threatens Communist rule.

Who really benefits from the Ukraine war? It’s not Russia, which knew it would suffer severe consequences for a preemptive attack but feared that less than NATO encirclement. It is China, who used its American puppets to create the Ukraine crisis to drive Russia, with all its vast resources and virtually uninhabited eastern lands, into it’s waiting economic arms – and which eagerly hopes to re-enslave Russia’s population to Marxist ideology and government.

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