Under-reported 'good gun, bad guy' stories

The president has spoken to the nation about his thoughts on gun possession. His Thursday speech was filled with proposals for laws concerning of how and when we would be “allowed” to own firearms. His ideas would have to be carried out via votes in the House and Senate – how that would transpire remains to be seen.

Biden’s passion for the subject is matched by thousands of people across the country as we have been inundated with the chaos of mass shootings in schools, hospitals and just about anywhere some crazed nut decided to pretend he is a “real man.”

The shooters have been male, and unfortunately, we don’t know the rationale for their attacks. The common thread is using a high-powered weapon and shooting at innocent, unarmed people. The only good news from the shootings is that most of the gunmen are dead. It does save us from the expense of a trial.

Unfortunately, one of the themes of news reports and commentary is that the mere possession of a gun is, by its very nature, “bad.” While that makes good headlines and grabs at our emotions after a shooting tragedy, the idea that simply having a gun is bad is simply not true.

There are times when it is “good” to have a gun handy. There were at least three news stories this week that illustrate that. Unfortunately, those stories did not make the headlines, no doubt because there were no innocent victims.

There was a birthday-graduation party in Charleston, West Virginia. The festivities for dozens of people were outside of an apartment complex, and in the midst of the celebration, 37-year-old Dennis Butler showed up. He pulled out his AR-15 style rifle and fired into the crowd.

A woman attending the party had a pistol, drew it and fired at Butler, killing him before he fatally injured anyone. In fact, no one at the party was injured.

Detective Chief Tony Hazlett told reporters, “Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night.”

Authorities said the woman and several witnesses waited for police to arrive and cooperated with the investigation. Hazlett said she would face NO charges.

Good gun; Bad guy.

In West Chester, Ohio, an intruder dragged a homeowner out of her home in the early morning hours, but before the homeowner was injured, a neighbor saw what was happening, used his own gun and shot the intruder. He had to be taken to the hospital as was one of the homeowners who endured slight injuries.

Good gun; Bad guy.

Ready for another one?

In a campground, near Fruitland, Washington, 9-year-old Lily Kryzhanivskyy, of Spokane, was enjoying the vacation with her family. She was in the tent area at 11 in the morning on Friday, when she was brutally attacked by a cougar. The cat came out of the brush and jumped on her.

She was left with terrible, multiple injuries to her face, head and upper body. She was airlifted to the hospital and underwent several hours of surgery, was intubated and was left in a coma. She awoke from that on Monday, but she remained in the ICU. Her family says she remembers what happened to her.

A GoFundMe is hoping to raise $100,000 for her medical expenses and enable her mother to take time off from work to be with her.

As for the cougar. It’s dead. It seems someone in the camping party had a firearm and used it to kill the cat. Fish and Wildlife officials are investigating the attack, saying such events are rare. with only 20 such attacks having led to injury in the state. The animal will be tested for rabies or other conditions that might have led to the unprovoked attack

Good gun; bad cougar.

Instances like these do not make the headlines, and so people don’t realize that just having a gun does not always lead to a massacre. It depends on who is using the weapon and for what reason.

The idea that only a “crazy” person would shoot at innocent people is quite valid. Just as you would not let a child drive a car, or allow a child to drink liquor, it makes no sense to allow someone with mental disorders to have a firearm.

Don’t ban the weapons; they are neutral. Have a logical age range for the purchaser and require a background check to ascertain his or her mental and physical stability.

We must never forget that everyone has the right to self-defense. The government must never take away our right to be safe – no matter what politicians say.

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