Understanding tyranny: Crucial questions for a tired nation

By Jim Darlington

Will we see it coming? Can we? Do we? Do we still hope the movement we are watching is just a pendulum swinging rather hard to the left, soon bound to swing right? Or are we deceived and on a sharp incline downward, to the edge of a pit from which there is no coming back?

Did we know the vast slaughter Roe v. Wade would render? Did the Russians foresee their fate before Lenin? Did the Germans before Hitler? Did the Chinese know how many Mao would kill? Did the Rwandans? Did the Cambodians? Did they all see it coming? Could there have been a different outcome, if any of we fools of history hadn’t soothed ourselves with pretty fairy tales about the nature of the looming evil? Did the Christians, the Jews, the Hindus, the Buddhists, the Zoroastrians and the African Animists slaughtered by the tens of millions by the expanding Islamic Caliphate, ever have a chance to remain alive and free?

These are the examples we generally recognize, where tyranny has led to genocide. There are other examples where tyranny “merely” resulted in terror, oppression and crushing poverty for the people, while providing all the delights of power and wealth for their rulers. Did the Venezuelans see it coming? Did the Chileans, under Allende? Did the Nicaraguans know what Ortega would do? Were the Cubans all clamoring for communism? Did the Mexicans see it coming, when the revolution decided to murder the priests and burn the churches? Did the Eastern Europeans, emerging from Naziism? Did the Zimbabweans, throwing off colonialism? Did the Iranians, deposing the shah?

Do we need to add others to the list? Has Australia made the cut yet? Austria and Germany, again? Is Canada teetering? Are we ready to start parsing out the various dis-United States? Will we ultimately be re-united in sanity – or united at last in a universal oppression?

What are the historic steps that have led to tyranny? Are we witnessing a clear repetition of previous patterns that have led others down the primrose path to dictatorship and a subsequent slaughter? And if we are brave enough to admit the evidence of our own eyes, that, indeed, it is tyranny that is moving quickly to claim the USA, can we further inquire as to the likelihood of resistance and the steps, likely already being planned, to quell it?

Has the time come to recognize our choices? Is there an alternative to our own looming evil? Are we condemned to a dark depression, with an expectation of terrors unimagined to come? Or can we yet claim the optimistic stance of activists and fighters, determined to live free or die? Will we bow to beg, or will we bow to pray, and then stand?

What are the signs of this prelude to despotism? What are the grim echoes of history now emerging into the national consciousness? What are those bulwarks of freedom we see falling, one after another? Where has totalitarian ideology gone to feed, and where has it grown fat? How great a part of our cultural manners and essential institutions need be compromised, corrupted and devoured, before they can be trusted to have been neutralized, for the purposes of the coming power grab, by the enemy within? And how deeply has the governing class been penetrated by the enemy without? There is a worldwide universality of pandemic policies, denying freedom, preparing all the populations for a uniform surrender to a singular governmental control. Has anything ever foretold, so articulately, a great and conscious plan of autocratic dominion?

And finally, have those who seek our destruction been moving at a singular speed, in an astonishing political blitzkrieg? Are they ignoring every single requirement of electoral success, because they are preparing to (honorably and democratically) pass off the reins of government, in what our Republican friends foresee as a massive shift in the coming midterm votes? Does the brazen theft of a presidential election not plainly tell us that there are no bounds to their ill intent? Is the current movement toward “electoral integrity” something they find amusing? If a virus can bring us so near to the knees of obedience, by way of an epidemic that has not increased the national mortality rate one iota more than every other annual flu season, what form of sudden “National Emergency” would be sufficient to cancel the elections and bring about an executive order for martial law? Are they wondering now, which one, when and how?

Yes, we should all wish to perish the thought. But these are questions that need to be asked and answered, bravely and honestly.

Jim Darlington was raised in the left and rebelled to the far left in the ’70s. Came to his political senses in the ’80s. Came to Jesus Christ in the ’90s. Now is praying for America. He is married to a wise woman who loves the Lord with a passion.

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