Unity? Biden's not talking about deplorables

It’s beginning to occur to me that when Joe Biden talks about “unity,” he’s not talking about we deplorables, or loyalist Trump backers, or even just plain old Republicans.

Remember, Trump supporters are the ones he has called by such vicious names as “extremists,” “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.”

In fact, as we have learned in the last few days, we are considered his enemies – worse than the Iranian regime, worse than al-Qaida, needing deprogramming – and prompting the announcement of a brand new domestic terror program aimed at us.

As far as Biden is concerned, he’s coming after all of us – he’s approving of it in advance, he’s celebrating it. Why do you think his inauguration had 25,000 National Guardsmen? To protect a couple hundred people? To add an audience to the proceedings? Come on, man. This was a show of force – nothing less.

His intended “unity” is with those he already has in the palm of his hands – including the Democratic Party, Big Media, Big Tech, the Joint Chiefs, Black Lives Matter, Antifa and his friends in China.

He’s not thinking about rallying Americans behind him. He’s proven he doesn’t need them.

For instance, have you noticed who his CIA chief is? This guy makes John O. Brennan look like a conservative.

His name is Bill Burns. He has spent the last seven years working in Chinese Communist Party fronts – such as when he served as president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace which has a long relationship with the China-United States Exchange Foundation. The CUSEF is part of the Chinese Communist Party that seeks to “co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition” and encourage foreign actors to “adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies.”

The South China Morning Post reported that the Carnegie Endowment received funding from the CUSEF.

Burns has shown himself to be Joe Biden’s kind of guy – maybe even Hunter Biden’s kind of guy.

When Donald J. Trump said the Chinese would eat Biden’s lunch, he wasn’t joking. They already own the CIA.

No wonder ABC glowed that the inauguration “would be like no other,” and that reported, “An unprecedented level of security is being marshaled for the 59th swearing-in ceremony as law enforcement is on high alert for further possible attacks and unrest.”

No such attacks were visible. None was ever expected.

It was one for the record books as inaugurations go.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki held the first news briefing for the Biden administration and said that when she was asked to serve in her new role, Joe Biden discussed the importance of bringing back “truth and transparency” to the briefing room.

“He asked me to ensure we’re communicating about the policies across the Biden-Harris administration and the work his team is doing every day on behalf of all American people,” Psaki said. “There will be times when we see things differently in this room. I mean, among all of us. That’s OK. That’s part of our democracy. And rebuilding trust with the American people will be central to our focus in the press office and in the White House. Every single day.”

But don’t think there wasn’t some hard-hitting journalism being done on Joe Biden.

I saw one story that revealed his favorite flavor of ice cream. I’m not kidding. Seems like he has something in common with Nancy Pelosi.

I miss Trump. I love him, and I’m already missing him. Can America last four more years? I hope so.

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