Using classic movies to promote 'heterosexism'

You must remember this a kiss is still a kiss, A sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply, as time goes by …
Woman needs man and man must have his mate, That no one can deny.

– lyrics from “As Time Goes By,” Herman Hupfeld (1931)

There is a long forgotten prelude to the haunting love song made famous by the great classic film “Casablanca.” It reads: “This day and age we’re living in gives cause for apprehension … [but] The simple facts of life are such they cannot be removed.” To the remaining normal people in our society, Hupfeld’s original lyrics are still as timely as when he wrote them, but unfortunately, our “cause for apprehension” today is rising hordes of “anti-binary” zombies (euphemistically labeled “woke”) who can and do deny the “simple facts of life.”

Aside from the Bible itself, there is no greater purveyor of “heterosexism” in all its refreshingly regenerative forms than the canon of American classic movies, thanks be to God and to the Jews and Catholics who dominated Hollywood during the golden age of film-making. The sometimes-too-libertine Jews tended to push the envelope on sexual permissiveness while the sometimes-too-restrictive Catholics kept them from going too far, but both camps were united on the simple facts of life. In those days, America enthusiastically celebrated binary reality with the French exclamation “Vive La Différence,” which Webster’s New World Dictionary still admits means “Long live the difference (between the sexes)!” (page 2 in the search results), while woke Google gives the prime first search result to a woke revisionist Wiktionary entry which reads “Long live the difference (used to express appreciation of diversity).” HA!

The purpose of this article is not to recite the catalog of LGBT outrages that grows and worsens daily. Chances are you know it as well as I do. What we need is not more evidence that the left is trying to extinguish sexual and familial normalcy, but a better plan for stopping them – or at least for rescuing as many young people as possible from their clutches.

That better plan is to get back to the simple facts of life: “Woman needs man and man must have his mate.” Woke propaganda can’t compete with that simple truth written on every human heart – so long as it is being affirmed somewhere by someone in a child’s life. Left alone, boys and girls will pair off naturally in their teens, and most still do despite every wicked scheme to steer them into perversions. But more would rebel against woke coercion and follow the path of normalcy if a clearer picture of normalcy was being affirmed in their world. And all would benefit from a rediscovery of the natural order in sex and family roles – but how will they find it without signposts?

For example, there’s no greater evil in this world than the murder of innocent babies in their mothers’ wombs, and exposing the evil of abortion practices is important to rally public action against it, but when it comes to winning a frightened pregnant girl to the side of life, nothing beats the lies of the devil like an ultrasound video of the beating heart of her own precious baby. And nothing serves the cause of life better in the general public than babies themselves – smiling, cooing, belly-laughing with sparking eyes epitomizing delight.

Nothing would prevent her crisis pregnancy in the first place better than the restoration of honor and chivalry among young men toward young women – whose perfectly normal and natural passions would in more rational days past have been sanctified in young marriage, affirmed and undergirded by family-centered society. Where can children see those virtues in practice today? Or even a hint that marriage in youth is a blessing (and the single best preventative to a lifestyle of fornication, which is virtually guaranteed when marriage-after-30 is the “ideal”)?

How powerfully the age-old wedding vows affirm the truth of the stability and permanence of what God establishes for a man and wife: “for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” How completely they contradict and counteract the self-centered hedonism at the root of our social malaise. Yet where can the proof of that be seen in the fog of culture war being waged against the youth? And why do we pretend that young lovers are less capable of keeping such vows than adult serial fornicators?

The best advertisement for natural marriage are examples of contented couples in love and in harmony of purpose – images largely censored from the world of children today, where almost every family is depicted as dysfunctional and in crisis, and the natural roles of men and women are reversed and revised to serve Cultural Marxist narratives.

All the powers of the world are arrayed against the children of this generation, poisoning them against God and His truth and enslaving them to defiling and dehumanizing dysfunctions and addictions. And the control by the wicked of the institutions that shape these poor lambs’ perceptions seem so complete and so pervasive that our resistance seems puny and futile.

But “a kiss is still a kiss …” because the sex laws of Eden were carved by the finger of God Himself in the stone foundations of human identity. Woman needs man (“your desire shall be for your husband” – Genesis 3:16) and man must have his mate (“It is not good for the man to be alone” – Genesis 2:18). We are “binary” by His exclusive design (“in His image, male and female He created them” – Genesis 1:27). And to mate monogamously for life (“Therefore shall a man leave his family and cleave unto his wife, and they shall become one flesh” – Genesis 2:27). “Therefore, what God has joined together, let no man separate,” added Jesus in his reaffirmation of this truth (Mark 10:9).

God’s ideal natural order was showcased in Eden: the one-flesh paradigm – one man and one woman united for life in a patriarchal family structure designed to produce, nurture and protect healthy babies and raise them to be godly adults with their own healthy families. That remains the ideal, despite the corruption of sin (including “feminism”) that skews our perspectives and fosters our bad choices. And importantly, biblically speaking, a “ceremony” isn’t what “marries you”; it is copulation that “consummates” the union (which is why unconsummated “marriage” can be annulled – and why abstinence before choosing the right partner is such a big deal).

In His mercy, God provided the way of redemption from sin and error: the simple act of confession and repentance, which in its simplest form is just admitting the truth and mentally reorienting to it. To admit a truth, one must first know what truth is, and that is where we remnant Christians come in. It is our duty to be truth-tellers, especially to the young people drowning in lies. Individually and collectively, we should be spending less time condemning the outrages and more time affirming the good and normal to them in every possible way – using all the many tools available to us, including even the old classic movies – to ensure that the young people have signposts back to Eden.

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