Veteran cop resigns over vaccine mandate – this is insanity

My wife, Gena, and my hearts were broken to hear that a 30-year veteran police officer in California (San Jose) had to resign this past week after refusing mandatory orders to be COVID-vaccinated.

Sgt. David Gutierrez worked 23 years in the San Jose Police Department as a homicide detective, internal affairs investigator and patrol supervisor, before retiring the first time in 2019. He then returned to the force as a reserve officer, that is until COVID vaccines were mandated for all law enforcement.

Yahoo News reported, Gutierrez worked his last shift at the department on Saturday before last, and then he sent a letter to the city manager last Monday, “denouncing the city’s vaccine mandate, which requires city employees to show proof of vaccination or get a medical exemption. Those who don’t comply face disciplinary action, such as termination.”

“Disciplinary action is when you have done something wrong,” Gutierrez said, according toNBC Bay Area. “I have done nothing wrong – by making a choice not to be vaccinated why would you be disciplined?”

Gutierrez added that he is not against the vaccine and even complied with the city giving weekly COVID testing. But when they tried to force injections in every police officer, he knew he had to speak up, not just for himself but others. He said that he is representing hundreds of others, including dispatch and office personnel, and every layer of law enforcement colleagues.

“I’m not anti-vaccine. I don’t tell people, ‘You shouldn’t get it.’ But when it comes to my body, it’s my choice about what I want to put in my body,” Gutierrez said.

So, why doesn’t Sgt. Gutierrez take the vaccine?

He explained, “First of all, it’s my religious belief. I also believe I’ve been given a choice about what to do with my body,” KPIX reported.

What happened to “my body, my choice”? If it’s sufficient rationale for those who abort babies, why can’t it suffice for vaccines?

One of the hosts on “The View” said on Friday, “It’s no longer your choice when it’s affecting other people.” Really? Well, people’s choice to abort babies most definitely affects others also, including other family members and particularly the baby whose life is being terminated. So, by the same rationale as that shared by the host on “The View,” shouldn’t the choice be taken from a mother wanting to abort her baby?

And did you catch Sgt. Gutierrez’ religious reason for refusing the vaccine? According to the U.S. Constitution, he doesn’t have to explain anything further to anyone. It’s his First Amendment right to conscientiously abstain for religious convictions and preferences. The Christian Science religion has been refusing medical treatments for nearly two centuries based upon constitutional rights. Yet, sincerely held religious exemptions don’t suffice for refusing vaccines, like the fact that aborted fetal cells are used in the research or creation of some vaccines?

Please, don’t pigeonhole me on one side of the vaccine debate or the other. That isn’t my dog to fight here. Rather, I’m standing in the ring for all of our constitutional rights to make choices for our own health care, free from the overreach and obstruction of government or anyone else.

Of course, there are more than religious reasons that people refuse to take a vaccine shot.

There are those who oppose the vaccine based upon the top Israeli research that has shown that natural immunity provides 27 times the protection of vaccines, as reported this month by the Times of Israel. Moreover, many are also becoming aware of Israeli and other scientific reports that suggest vaccines may actually reduce long-term immunity and decrease protection against further reinfection by variant viruses, as reported by Medical News Today.

If the government and others are so certain vaccinations are the only key to escape COVID-19 infection or death, then they also must confess that vaccinated people face no health threat from those who are unvaccinated. How could they? They are vaccinated. So, they should quit shaming and running scared from those who are unvaccinated.

Furthermore, though some might stereotype any anti-COVID theory as government conspiracy, if one’s honest research and conscience leads him or her to truly believe that the COVID-19 virus was created by the Chinese military in the Wuhan Lab and funded by the U.S. government (well-documented in the upcoming “What really happened in Wuhan?“), can we blame an American who is refusing to submit to vaccines because they are also federally created, mandated and funded?

For these reasons and others, “About 200 officers in the [San Jose Police] department have so far asked for exemptions, many of which are for religious purposes. But the Democratic mayor, Sam Liccardo, says the vaccine mandate is overall working and doesn’t anticipate an exodus from the force,” Yahoo News said.

Mr. Liccardo, get your head out of the sand! Sgt. Gutierrez sent his resignation letter ahead of the city’s Sept. 30 deadline for employees to get the vaccine, and there will be at least 100 others who will walk off the job when you walk up to them with a needle. What didn’t you understand about “200 officers in the department have so far asked for exemptions”? You and the Golden State can’t afford further employment losses, especially in the midst of a police department already chronically suffering from understaffing.

Sgt. Gutierrez was absolutely right again when he said, “We are already understaffed and can’t afford to lose more. If they let go police officers who’ve been here five years, 10 years, 15 years, you can hire somebody else, but you’re not going to hire that experience.”

A recent audit examining the last 10 years of the police department found the agency has heavily relied on overtime as it deeply struggles with understaffing.

Of course, Gutierrez and the 200 others in the San Jose police force are not the only ones in this nationwide fight against COVID-vaccine mandates. Countless other great Americans in every field are presently waging war to keep their jobs, including thousands of our great military service members and our elite Navy SEALs. They are presently having to file and pay for lawsuits against the DOD, FDA and HHS just to continue to serve our country. Is that any way for the federal government to treat our great men and women in uniform?

The present dark path of our “mandate nation,” led by Mr. Biden in the Oval Office, is government overreach on steroids. It also ignores any other type of COVID preventative or prescription, including the recently proven protective role of Vitamin D and the power of natural (and herd) immunity to fight this disease.

The question still stands: At very least, why can’t officials from California to the Pentagon simply allow those employed by them to continue to take weekly COVID tests instead of taking the vaccine, and therein remain actively employed as contributing Americans? To not allow that alternative is flat out cruel, a constitutional obstruction, a ginormous waste of human American resources and civil servants, and, gravest of all, contributing to the demise of society and America.

It sure seems like someone or something wants to prevent America from returning to its path of normalcy and excellence. America, we’ve faced enough recent roadblocks to recovery. Let’s not stumble over more. We must resist and stop this unconstitutional and societal insanity. Do it for all the “Sgt. Gutierrezes” in your community.

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