Voters blame Biden for border crisis, ready to punish Democrats, poll says

President Joe Biden participates in a CNN Town Hall with Anderson Cooper Monday, Feb. 16, 2021, at the Pabst Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

The blame for the illegal immigration calamity on America’s southern border goes to President Biden, according to voters in dozens of swing districts surveyed by Heritage Action.

And they are ready to punish Democrats in the 2022 midterms.

The results from Heritage Action for America were provided to Paul Bedard and his  “Washington Secrets” column for the Washington Examiner.

Surveyed were 16 battleground congressional districts in 15 states and 16 suburban swing counties in 10 battlegrounds states.

Bedard found it significant that there was “majority-Hispanic agreement that the immigration disaster is Biden’s fault and that Democrats will pay a price in the election.”

Fifty-six percent of voters in congressional battleground districts said they believe Biden’s decision to demolish President Trump’s immigration policies caused the crisis. In suburban swing counties, 57% agreed.

Fifty-five percent of independents agreed, as did 90% of Republicans and 58% of Hispanics. Only among Democrats — just 16% agreed — was there significant opposition to blaming Biden for the crisis created by his policies.

“These polls prove that Americans of both parties are rejecting Biden’s open-borders agenda by wide margins,” said Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action. “Voters rightly blame Biden’s failed immigration policies for the border crisis by wide margins and are very concerned with the effects of illegal immigration on America’s social services, taxpayer burden, and public safety.”

She said Americans “know what the administration refuses to admit: the border is in crisis, and Biden’s weak policies are to blame.”

Ken Cuccinelli, former acting deputy secretary for Homeland Security and a Heritage fellow, said the crisis is a result of the “Biden effect.”

The poll found 50% of voters in congressional battleground districts and 48% in suburban swing counties are less likely to support Democratic candidates in the 2022 congressional races.

The survey indicated 48% of independents, 83% of Republicans and 46% of Hispanics are in opposition to Democrats.

Also, 67% of voters in congressional battleground districts and 65% in swing suburban counties agreed with Trump’s plan to require asylum seekers to wait outside the United States until their claim is processed. And 88% in congressional battleground districts and 90% in suburban swing counties rejected the idea of illegal immigrants voting.

“Residents in key swing districts are angry about the historic border crisis, blame President Joe Biden for it, and stand ready to make the Democrats pay for it in the 2022 midterm elections, according to a broad new survey on the illegal immigration calamity,” Bedard said.

“Biden’s election, his signaling of an open-border policy, an end to Trump’s policy of keeping migrants in Mexico awaiting approval to enter, and his suspension of deporting criminal illegal immigrants in the nation have resulted in the biggest surge over the border in 20 years,” wrote Bedard.

He pointed out that last month, 172,000 people were apprehended at the border and  thousands more likely entered the country undetected.

“In just two months, 272,441 have crossed, often surrendering to overwhelmed U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials. The surge is so great that U.S. officials have placed arrows at popular border crossings directing illegal immigrants to U.S. processing centers,” Bedard wrote.

Anderson said Americans “support the common-sense immigration policies of the Trump administration, including the remain-in-Mexico policy, border wall, and deportations of fraudulent asylum-seekers.”

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