Voters enraged as Dems back away from $2,000 checks

Many Georgia voters who backed the two Democrats in the Senate runoff earlier this month already are enraged by what they regard as a broken promise.

During the final campaign pitch to Georgia voters for Democrat Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, Joe Biden promised taxpayers would receive $2,000 in a new coronavirus stimulus package.

“If you send Jon and the Reverend to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door,” Biden declared. “And if you send Sens. Perdue and Loeffler back to Washington, those checks will never get there. It’s just that simple. The power is literally in your hands.”

Ossoff and Warnock made the same promise.

Now, reports, the freshman senators support the Biden administration’s proposal for $1,400 checks, arguing Trump already delivered $600 payments earlier this month.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., insists voters have been shortchanged: “$2,000 means $2,000. $2,000 does not mean $1,400.”

Georgia Democratic Rep. Oscar Zaro said “Warnock and Ossoff made it a point to endorse and exclusively say ‘$2,000 checks.'”

“A lot of the people in my district voted blue in the runoff for two main reasons. One: Loeffler and Perdue denying us relief during COVID while profiting millions themselves; and two, $2,000 checks,” he said.

Rogelio Linares, a Democratic canvasser during the runoff elections, told Mediaite that he feels “like s—” over the issue and called it “a betrayal of the working class.”

“I was lying to people that were relying on this. At the time I didn’t know it was a lie,” he sid.

Ossoff said during the campaign, “If David Perdue really wanted $2000 direct relief checks for the people, he’d be on the floor of the Senate demanding McConnell put up the House bill for a vote.”

RealClear Policy reported some Democrats not only want the checks bigger, they want to make them recurring.

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., said the payments should be monthly “for the duration of the pandemic.”

When she was a senator, Vice President Kamala Harris proposed “survival checks” of $2,000 per adult, plus additional funds for children, that would continue until three months after the “health emergency” ends.

RealClear Policy’s Matt Weidinger pointed out that even if the payments lasted only six months, a family of five would receive a total of $60,000.

“Starting such massive payments to most households would create enormous political pressure for simply extending the health emergency, or continuing payments beyond its end,” he argued. “Once started, payments might be politically impossible to shut down, especially for the incoming Democrat-led administration and Congress.”

He said the price tag would be “ruinous,” with the Congressional Budget Office estimating that recurring $2,000 checks would cost more than $600 billion every month, requiring federal taxes to triple.

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