Wait a minute! 'Nothing changes' in N.Y. gun ownership?

The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and, once again, proclaimed the Second Amendment is an “absolute” right.

They are righteous rulings that bring us back to the Constitution.

The difference between the two cases, for Nancy Pelosi’s benefit, is simple enough for a child’s mind.

The Constitution is silent on the issue of abortion. On Friday, the authority of individual states to legislate on the matter was restored. Gun ownership, on the other hand, is specially protected by the Constitution. The Second Amendment guarantees the right “to keep and bear arms” for the entire nation.

Pelosi had it absolutely backward.

And so did her cheerleaders on the left.

She threw a hissy fit – for their benefit.

So did other Democrats. In fact, New York Police Commissioner Keechant Sewell said “it’s important to know today that nothing changes.”

It sounds like the left no longer adheres to the Supreme Court.

You might say they are the real “insurrectionists.” Either that or they don’t comprehend what is plainly written in the Constitution.

The Democrats don’t like when the people governs themselves, so nothing changes really for them. Except they still cheat.

“When we open the universe of carry permits, it potentially brings more guns to the city of New York, to the streets of New York City, and that should concern us all,” Sewell added.

Will they start prosecuting armed defendants, or will they keep letting them off without bail? Sewell doesn’t say. When will they start issuing carry permits? He doesn’t say. He doesn’t have much faith in more citizens carrying guns deterring crime, either. He says it “will put New Yorkers at further risk of gun violence.”

That’s because you don’t do your job, ma’am.

Democratic Mayor Eric Adams says his city could become “the Wild West.” I thought it was already.

It has the strictest gun control in the country, the fastest rising crime rate, the defund-police lax prosecution and cashless bail laws. A deadly combination.

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, who has defended her state’s controversial bail reform law that critics claim allow violent repeat offenders back onto the streets, was defiant in her reaction to the Supreme Court ruling on concealed carry permits, vowing, “We’re just getting started” on gun restrictions.

Wherever they live, Democrats are lawless. That’s the way their cities are run.

Joe Biden signed the most sweeping gun control legislation in three decades into law Saturday. The bipartisan bill expands background checks and gives states incentives to pass red flag laws that allow firearms to be taken from people who could be a threat to themselves or others.

That was AFTER the Second Amendment decision was affirmed – with the help of too many Republicans.

The Democrats just continue business as usual.

The fact that both decisions – the overturning of Roe and the Second Amendment case – were 6-3 decisions at the Supreme Court, leaves them saying, “We’re not going to heed these court decisions we don’t like.”

But so what? That’s the Democrats doing what they always do – they just enflame their constituents to turn on Republicans.

Did you hear Eric Adams, New York’s mayor, say this on CNN?

“I was 15, and I just got home from being arrested, and Linda came to me. She said, ‘Eric, I’m pregnant, and look at your life.'” Ultimately, she made the “empowered” decision “that was smart for both of us,” he said.

“My life would have been different. I wouldn’t be the mayor,” he said.

In other words, that gave him permission to kill his child.

Who are these people?

How do they get elected?

It’s grotesque! What they say out loud is so offensive, so beneath dignity.

It’s really quite simple.

We live in the United States of America, which is the greatest country in the world.

We are supposed to govern ourselves.

But these people never learned how to be responsible adults.

That’s why they cheat in elections.

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