War on kids has school board member inviting them to 'queer' night at her sex shop

The war against children by schools who simply take their pro-LGBT agenda way too far is well documented.

There was a district that opened up its girls restrooms to males, and then concealed from parents the fact that a girl was assaulted by a boy there.

There are numerous reports of schools coaching children in the transgender ideology, and concealing that from their parents.

Gay student clubs abound, often with students who attend being told to conceal that fact from their parents. And for goodness’ sake, never tell anyone who else is there, schools teach.

Now it’s moved a step beyond.

A school board member has proposed a “queer night” for children – and they are invited to attend at her “sex shop.”

A report at Summit.news commented, “Not creepy at all.”

That accompanied the site’s report that in Washington state, Jenn Mason, a member of the Bellingham Public Schools board of directors, is inviting all students up to age 18 to her “Queer Youth Open Mic Night” at her sex shop, which she has named WinkWink.

Summit.news reported on Facebook, she said, “Come share and hold space for this celebration and stage for young queer voices in our community.”

Besides a range of products, Mason offers “sex coaching.”

She claimed the kids’ event would be separated from her shelves of sex toys, but the comment didn’t convince Seattle Radio host Jason Rantz, the report said.

“This event is inappropriately inclusive and extremely creepy,” he said.

The report said the school said it wasn’t affiliated with any community event.

But also appearing was a video showing a therapist rejoicing that she was able, through social media, to encourage a young girl to go ahead with transgender surgery, which in her case would involve “top surgery,” or the removal of breasts.

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