WARNING! Artificial Intelligence may already be 'conscious'

Isaiah 66:4: “I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not.”

2 Thessalonians 2:11: “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie:”

I never could understand either one of these verses. Do they hint at contact from an alien “civilization”? Could be. Or could they be warning of the arrival of Big Tech’s greatest lie – like man discovering the fraud of “artificial intelligence.”

I’m sure there are other possibilities as well – since humankind is so willing to believe deceptions.

But if you are betting on the latest hysteria called “artificial intelligence,” take heed of what the Bible may be telling us about the “last days.”

A recent story at The Byte promised, or warned, that AI will soon be a reality – or is here already.

“OpenAI’s top researcher has made a startling claim this week: that artificial intelligence may already be gaining consciousness,” writes Noor Al-Sibai.

Ilya Sutskever, chief scientist of the OpenAI research group, announced, on Twitter, of course, that “it may be that today’s large neural networks are slightly conscious.”

The piece continues: “Needless to say, that’s an unusual point of view. The widely accepted idea among AI researchers is that the tech has made great strides over the past decade, but still falls far short of human intelligence, never mind being anywhere close to experiencing the world consciously.

It’s possible Sutskever was speaking optimistically about his life’s work, but it’s also probable that as the top researcher at one of the foremost AI groups in the world, he’s thinking wishfully, hopefully, eagerly.

Referring to Sutskever, Al-Sibai writes: “He’s long been preoccupied with artificial general intelligence, which would refer to AI that operates at a human or superhuman level. During his appearance in the AI documentary ‘iHuman,’ for instance, he even declared that that AGIs will ‘solve all the problems that we have today” before warning that they will also present ‘the potential to create infinitely stable dictatorships.'”

The recent announcement was a first for Sutskever – who co-founded OpenAI alongside SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and the company’s CEO Sam Altman in 2015 – claiming that machine consciousness has already arrived.

What is OpenAI? It was founded as a nonprofit meant specifically to curb the existential risks sentient machines pose — before, in an eyebrow-raising twist, diving into research trying to bring powerful AI into existence.

You see, in 2019, Musk broke with OpenAI after it created a “fake news” text generator some believed was too dangerous to release. Musk said that he was leaving the organization because he “didn’t agree with some of what [the] OpenAI team wanted to do” and hadn’t been involved with it for more than a year. Just a month later, OpenAI announced that it was no longer nonprofit. It now operates on a “capped profit” model.

Notes The Byte story: “Since then, Musk seems to have diverged further from his initial critical stance to the point that this year, he prophesied that Tesla’s forthcoming humanoid robots ‘might play a role in AGI’ – though he added that his car company will do its ‘best’ to keep its AI in check and, somehow, achieve ‘decentralized control of the robots.'”

OpenAI, meanwhile, has continued working on AI, fulfilling, one would hope, the company’s mission statement, “that artificial general intelligence benefits all of humanity.”

There are other skeptics among tech execs. One of them, former Google CBO Mo Gawdat, in an interview, said he believes that artificial general intelligence, the sort of all-powerful, sentient AI seen in science fiction like Skynet from “The Terminator,” is inevitable – and that once it’s here, humanity may very well find itself staring down an apocalypse brought forth by godlike machines.

You scared yet? Are you troubled with what Big Tech might be coming up with?

It might be worth pondering Isaiah again and reviewing the Apostle Paul’s words to the Thessalonians.

We live in strange and dangerous times.

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