Was censoring of '2000 Mules' the sign of America's death?

We sit on the church steps and speak in undertones, privately, as such conversations require. The church is largely empty now, with an old for-sale sign out front, except for a few still sitting in the pews, heads bowed. Indeed, no one stands at the pulpit and nothing more is heard but the chains of diminishing echoes, which only serve to emphasize the growing silence.

On another day we might be debating statistics. One could say that even more independent churches are being planted now than the old mainline congregations that are wilting away. Another might offer an opposing view, that the numbers of religious individuals are shrinking radically, especially among the young.

But the day is past when talking about church and state were, by definition, separate issues. The ever-growing question now is what the church might be permitted. The door opens and we glance inside, as another one exits. What we can see within is sad. Most churches, throughout the “pandemic,” had already humbled themselves to a point of perfect impotence, obeying perverse government demands over commandments of God.

Perhaps the last nail in the American national coffin was the passive, peaceful response to the permission to murder of 1973 and the hideous bloom of infanticide that followed. But civil rights are not for the post-natal alone! The fact that the first killing station opened and was not immediately swarmed and occupied, signaled the end of all blessings possible for the country. And now, after more than 60 million legalized liquidations, who would dream it could be otherwise? Since then, some might say, it’s been nothing but spade work, digging the grave deeper.

The impossible justifications offered for that travesty opened the floodgates. Every lie woven into the national fabric invites 10 more to join in. When right and wrong become officially relative, all morality becomes relative, and there are no more sins or crimes, but only a welcomed variety of lifestyle choices.

We were told from the start that only a moral and faithful citizenry could sustain a government founded on freedom. Will the election theft of 2020 become the final straw for a nation given over to godlessness?

That year a Supreme Court with new faces, but clothed in similar black robes, performed a similar act of national suicide. If it could dispense with the unborn child, why not let pass the the placement of an unelected president? If a constitutional right to baby killing could be found, why then couldn’t 16 states, claiming damage done by the fraudulent results of other states, be found to have “no standing”?

No one, anywhere, did not see the stolen election. One candidate was up by so much, and then counting stopped at 2 a.m. everywhere it mattered, only to bring us a new, absurdly improbable president the next morning. How sad that so many acquiesced to the drumbeat of lies and finally nodded in frightful agreement to what their hearts knew was false.

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Well before the election we had allowed that maybe only a little censorship was in store. InfoWars’ large following was effectively decimated and any mention of the others quickly following … was censored. We saw this coming long before the election. The lie, that challenges to a stolen election were really an effort to steal the election, filled the streets till there was no room to walk anywhere else. Years of passivity in the face of an ever-growing symphony of lies proved that the Big Lie could easily succeed.

But not all the voices of truth were apparently yet silenced. The same hope that had been invested in the Supreme Court now contorted itself to trust in the labors of those fighting to reveal the methods of the electoral usurpers.

We were with them all till the bitter end. We really wanted to believe that the voices speaking out against the crimes of the coup masters were with us against the coup. The treachery of Fox News was clear enough early on, but we all kept listening to our hero, Tucker. Newsmax seemed a hopeful source too – but when OANN was ripped from the homes of millions none of them stood up and shouted. And now, to be certain, their silence to the national release of Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary “2000 Mules” puts that false hope to permanent rest.

Now that MAGA stalwart OANN, a proclaimer/promoter of “2000 Mules,” has been cancelled by AT&T and reduced to a distant cry in the wilderness, Fox and Newsmax and even our dear Tucker can join the rest of the corrupt media, as if they can close their eyes and cover their ears and pretend this earth-shattering documentary does not exist.

Please watch “2,000 Mules”!

News about the efforts of True the Vote, the organization that coordinated the evidence presented in the film, came out around New Years. That also was met with a deafening silence. So why have we have expected something more? Hope dies hard.

Now the lay of the land loses the last vestige of fog. The thieves of the election and the censors of all things related march in perfect harmony. And a bit of truth seeping through here and there is no problem and, for all practical purposes, a benefit. The enemy is more manageable when relying on a false hope of future success. But when the truth is too bright it must be buried effectively.

Whatever small light of truth that may still be allowed to shine, it cuts both ways. It not only harmlessly informs but also dangerously exposes those who choose to dwell in it. Electoral fraud relies on a good list of possible (and improbable) voters. The approaching full-blown tyranny will require a good list of possible (and probable) resisters.

By the same token that publicly available, time-sensitive, cellphone geo-tracking exposed every step of those at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 (allowing SWAT teams to round up hundreds), we who might be rebels will ultimately have nowhere to hide.

Greg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht, from True the Vote, applied this same technology and similar sourcing, virtually mapping the paths of thousands of “mules” making numerous trips between ballot drop boxes and various left-wing NGO’s nearby, repeatedly inserting 10 or 20 ballots at a time, their activities being confirmed, quite plainly, by video evidence.

The authorities gladly boasted of the technique used to round up the “insurrectionists.” But they want to bury the undeniable proofs, offered in “2000 Mules,” as deeply as inhumanly possible. The roster of those willing to turn a blind eye to this treachery must never be forgotten.

So, what do we do next? We should go inside the church and thank the Lord for our freedom, while we still can.

Note: Access “2000 Mules” is at https://dinesh.locals.com/post/2083099/2000-mules or at www.salem.com. Beware of other sites set up to disrupt and steal.

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