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Regarding January 6, when the tear gas and flash-bangs were thrown into the outside masses, what response did anyone expect?!

If someone were literally attacking you with an unknown, LOUD, deadly sounding arsenal (and that is the intent of this kind of ordnance), wouldn’t you try to run in any direction you could?! It always works that way; there’s mass confusion with some becoming aggressive in attempting to stop the perp.

From the footage, one can see that these elements were thrown into and behind much of the crowd, thus driving them toward the building. Some of the tear gas was even launched into the main line of officers, incapacitating them for enough time for the panicked crowd to overwhelm them.

Most citizens of this country are not stupid sheep. This may or may not have been a “setup,” but it sure smelled rank – and the film leaves a LOT of questions. Thank God for the release of the video footage. I pray to God Almighty for the release of those unlawfully detained from this event. LET OUR PEOPLE GO!

Rebecca Redmon

Abusive attorneys

After reading Rachel Alexander’s latest excellent column, “The caving of ex-Trump attorney Jenna Ellis,” I was left with two thoughts.

First, why isn’t anyone trying to hold accountable the attorneys who are abusing their positions to target attorneys who are trying to defend our constitutional rights and election integrity?

Next, why would Trump or any conservative choose to be represented by an attorney from a state like Colorado? These states are run by people that are so corrupt and morally rotted, the rotted trash presently in the streets of Paris would smell like a field of wild flowers by comparison.

George H. Ruth

Pence’s true colors

I had my doubts and suspicions about Mike Pence when he was governor. More when he was picked as a V.P. candidate and when he served as vice president. Now I am sure he was never for Trump in the first place and is as much a part of the problem as was John McCain.

Pence was always a part of the system that was already in place. I wonder what he was leaking and if he was the Republican Party spy? I am not pleased with Trump’s broken “edit button,” among other things, but he made progress undoing what both parties have messed up for too many years.

God told the Children of Israel they should not replace Him with a human king/government and would not like the consequences. A whole group of selfish “princes and princesses” would only do worse.

This declaration by Pence will be widely covered by the “press.” The new video of what really happened on Jan. 6 is probably what flipped the switch to turn this press coverage on! The refusal of Pence to say anything good about the new video info and the information from the J6 committee revealing who actually viewed and made decisions based on the original limited video put into evidence at the kangaroo court reinforce every one of my past opinions of Mr. Pence.

Patricia Lieder

Forgotten Founders

Hello, Mr. Farah. I very much enjoyed your piece “What America really needs – and it’s not just politics.” I agree, especially that God saved us from Hillary by blessing us with President Trump.

You are right about the ’60s era Supreme Court decisions and other events marking America’s “forgetting about God.” However, I would move the marker waaaay back. Although I can’t give an exact date, I would say that what caused our societal blindness is the loss of the memory that the Founders not only dedicated the nation to God generally but to Jesus Christ specifically as described in my 2017 WND article, “Is Jesus in the Declaration of Independence?” That piece is drawn from my eBook: “America’s Primal Prayer: Is Jesus Christ the God of the Declaration; Did the Founders Dedicate the Nation to Him; is the Constitution Woven From Christian Fabric; and Why Does it Matter?”

The last paragraph of the Declaration has an explicit prayer to Jesus, addressing him by his title that every Christian should know:

“We, therefore, the Representatives of the united States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing [praying] to the Supreme Judge of the world [Jesus] for the rectitude [righteousness] of our intentions …” Emphasis and bracketed comments were added.

I had hoped that the knowledge I presented therein would have helped contribute to the much-longed-for revival you referenced. Perhaps that will happen.

Michael Nedderman

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