WATCH: Biker kicks car, then what happens next is priceless

(Video screenshot)
(Video screenshot)

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“Don’t bring a bike to a car fight.”

That might be the takeaway from a video that has gone viral since its posting July 4 on Twitter.

The location of the event is uncertain, but it shows motorcyclists kicking an SUV numerous times on its exterior panels for an unknown reason at an intersection.

The SUV driver was apparently in no mood to turn the other cheek and turned his own vehicle into a snowplow of sorts, smashing into one of the biker’s motorcycles and continuing to push it down the street while a motorcyclist desperately tried to stop the car by hanging onto its back end.

(Video screenshot)
(Video screenshot)


“Why were they kicking his car? Did he cut them off? Almost hit them?” wondered one commenter on Twitter. “Unfortunately you can’t see what lead to this confrontation. As a rider, I can tell you, I’ve wanted to kick cagers plenty of times when they endangered me!”

Other reaction online includes:

“I can’t describe how much I love this video.”

“This was SO beautiful, it damn near brought a tear to my eye.”

“10/10 would not convict if I was on the jury hearing this guy’s trial.”

“This won’t end well. Do you think this is a behavior that should happen in a first-world country? No wonder some people leave and never come back. Tell me how many times I have seen $h** like this in Europe, never ever.”

“Bikers are very rude and bossy in the road most of time so sometimes they need to remind them who’s the boss.”

“Give that a try with me. See how well that works out for ya.”

“As a motorcycle rider every day, I approve of this lol seeing him walk after the car was soooo sweet.”

“Definitely watched ‘Smokey and the Bandit’ a few times.”

“After seeing this this will always be my personal response in this situation. Tip duly noted ✅ 👌🏻”

“It’s not stealing, it’s reparations to cover the cost of repairs.”

“At least they waited for the green light before running after that Dodge. 😸”

“Every action has reaction same force but opposite direction. Isaac Newton.”

“This was a beautiful thing to watch!”

“I wonder what was going through the head of the guy trying to hold the car from the back door.”

“Did he seriously tried to stop the car grabbing it from behind? What a legend.”

“Car v. Bike? I think we have a clear winner here.”

“Good, but explain that to the insurance company.”

“Winner of the 2022 F around and find out award.”

“I love the ‘Oh sh** I should run after that, he’s still going!’ at the end lol.”

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