Watch: Home Depot shuts down self-checkout for maskless man

A maskless man documents how a Home Depot store in Morgan Hill, California, completely shut down self-checkout so he could not make a purchase. (Video screenshot)

A man who says he’s unable to wear a face mask documented how a Home Depot store actually shut down all of its self-checkout stations to prevent him from making a purchase.

The unidentified man who says he runs a construction business recorded video of himself in late April inside the Home Depot in Morgan Hill, California, strolling through the aisles as he heads to the checkout area with a single item.

“Look at this. They shut down self-checkout just for me,” he says, “all because I’m breathing fresh air. They’re practically shutting down half the store. This is incredible. This is amazing.”

As store employees begin to engage the man, he explains: “I’m going to send this to my attorney and, by the way, my half-a-million-dollar account with my ten-million-dollar business, all the business is going to Lowe’s … because they’re not psychopaths like you guys.”

Lowe’s is a competitor of The Home Depot hardware chain.

“I’ve been shopping with Home Depot for six months, no issues,” he continues. “This is the only Home Depot I’ve had an issue with.”

A store employee tells the man, “We can simply call law enforcement,” and then apparently proceeds to phone police.

“Holy smokes! Look at you people. You’re psychopaths,” the man declares. “You guys don’t think. You don’t use your brain. You just obey.”

As he departs the retailer, the man says: “Home Depot has gone full Mask Nazi. Even if you are unable to wear a mask, they are discriminating. They won’t even ask you why you’re unable to wear the mask. They will discriminate and kick you out of their store. So you cannot shop here if you’re unable too wear a mask. This violates multiple laws, so I guess we’ll see where it goes.” WATCH THE VIDEO:

The man, whose videos are posted at the Tribe & Clan YouTube channel, is getting plenty of support from commenters online, with remarks including:

  • “I love you called them psychopaths. I’m going to start using that. It’s absolutely insane we can’t breathe fresh air and shop. Please sue the cr*p out of them!! This cr*p has happened to me countless times, I can’t find an attorney with a spine to take my cases.”
  • “Those people should be fired and the company sued. Their page says ‘Small children or those who have a valid medical rationale will not be required to wear a mask.’ – Who the eff are these [employees] to decide whether you have a medical condition, are they medical doctors who can diagnose with one look? Sickening.”
  • “They would make good local bureaucrats or clerks at the motor vehicle department where a small amount of POWER goes to the head real fast.”
  • “If more patriots were courageous like you, we wouldn’t find ourselves living at the whims of totalitarians and morons. Good on you for standing up in the face of this delusional psychosis.”
  • “Bro, I work at Home Depot, part of our message that’s on all of our screens in the break room is that and I quote, ‘You cannot deny entry to any customer, mask or not.’ As usual it’s just cashiers being b*tches as they are somewhat the dumbest people in the store.”
  • “Mass Maskless shopping event coming your way Home Depot.”

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