Watch: Jim Acosta blasted to his face as 'liar' by congresswoman

Jim Acosta (CNN screenshot)

CNN reporter Jim Acosta, during President Trump’s tenure in the White House, repeatedly berated and badgered the nation’s commander-in-chief, earning him banishment from the press room, which had to be overturned by a court.

But he’s finding less success in his attempts at harassing U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga.

In fact, as he tried to ambush her at the Capitol complex recently and grill her about some text messages regarding the Jan. 6 riot in Washington, she turned on him, labeling him a “liar.”

Real Clear Politics reported she told him:

“You know what your problem is? You’re just one of those liars on television and people hate it,” she told him. “They can’t stand the liars on television.

“You’re lying. You’re a liar. Do you know why people do not like you? Because you’re a liar,” Greene said.

Acosta claimed he was “not trying to lie.”

He had “confronted” Greene, the report said, at the Capitol.

But Greene pointed out, “You’re accusing me of something and then when you read the actual words it tells another story.”

The dispute focused on text messages reportedly sent by the congresswoman after the 2020 election when she referenced “martial law,” misspelling it. When Acosta demanded answers from her, she told him to read the rest of the message, in which the writer stated she didn’t know “about that.”

The Hill said Greene posted online the statement, “I am repulsed that people gladly take a paycheck to lie and mischaracterize me like this guy…”

Greene eventually says unless Acosta is willing to present her as a “real” person, “then I don’t want to have anything to do with you.”

“Stop harassing me,” she orders.

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