WATCH small child tell police officer to 'f*** off'

(Video screenshot)
(Video screenshot)

Can’t wait for this one to hit his teens.

A video has appeared online that shows a little child telling police officers in St. Paul, Minnesota,, to “f*** off” and calling them “b****.”

“You can see the child swinging at the officers as one of them backs away,” reports the Gateway Pundit.

“The child, among a small group of barely clothed children on the street corner, can be heard repeating the profanity many times.”

The video: (Please be aware of offensive language, from the child):

The report noted one observer, Dr. Jesse Livermore LL.M.,Ph.D., said, “What we have here is a failure to parent.”

The Daily Mail documented that police were at the scene to conduct a search, with a warrant, for a murder suspect.

“Crime in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul has soared since 2020,” the report said, when police officers were involved with, and later found responsible for, the death of George Floyd, triggering race riots in hundreds of cities across the U.S.

The Mail called the footage “disturbing,” and said it was recorded last week.

“The 30-second clip shows the unnamed boy standing in the street in his underwear, barefoot, screaming: ‘Shut up b***h!’ at a black police officer and telling him to ‘shut the f*** up!'”

Then he turns to the other officer and says he has “ugly a** shoes.”

It’s unclear from reports where the child’s parents were, or any details of the search warrant.

The officers could be seen trying to calm down the violent child, as he pummeled them with tiny fists.

The Daily Mail reported, “Journalist Sheila Qualls shared the story first in a column for Alpha News, where she wrote that the ‘behavior of these children is eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago.'”

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