We call it gender-cide – killing little girls

A new study, writes Nancy Flanders of Live Site, has revealed that there will be 4.7 million fewer girls born over the next 10 years due to sex-selective practices around the world – mainly sex-selective abortion. That could mean 22 million missing girls over the next 80 years, completely disrupting the already lopsided global gender balance.

“The study, published in the medical journal Global Health BMJ by researchers from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, looked at data from 3.26 billion births from 204 countries over 50 years,” said Flanders’ report. “From there, researchers narrowed it down to the 29 countries with a known preference for sons over daughters. Sex-selective practices in Southeast Europe and South and East Asia have caused an unbalanced ratio of males to females at birth since 1970, and if the trend continues, nearly 5 million more girls will be missing from the world by 2030. There are 12 countries in all with an increase in the male-to-female ratio since 1970 and 17 others are predicted to see an increase.”

We’ve been calling this disgusting phenomenon “gender-cide.” No one else has seemed to find a proper name for it.

As usual, the most notable offenders remain China and India where there is a strong preference for sons. Sex-selective abortions are those in which girls are targeted for death simply because they are girls. China’s one-child policy pushed parents to kill their preborn daughters until they became pregnant with a son. Many daughters born to parents hoping for a boy were abandoned at birth. This has led to a lack of wives for the men of China and contributes to “elevated levels of antisocial behavior and violence,” according to the study. As Live Action News has previously noted, it also has led to an increase in sex trafficking.

The National Census of China reported in 2020 that there were 111.3 boys for every 100 girls born, and the world’s global population in 2020 was made up of just 49.6% women. In Bahrain, women accounted for only 35.5% of the 2020 population, and in Qatar, there are three men for every one woman.

It’s been happening since at least 1997 – when we discovered a World Health Organization study.

The report, released at WHO’s Regional Committee for the Western Pacific, said more than 50 million women were estimated to be “missing” in China because of the institutionalized killing and neglect of girls due to Beijing’s population-control program that limited parents to one child.

Many of the girls were killed while still in the womb – the victims of ultrasound technology that revealed the baby’s sex. Others, WHO said, were starved to death after birth, the victims of violence, or were not treated when they became ill.

The report’s statistics showed that in 1994, 117 boys were born for every 100 girls in China. Though baby girls tend to have a higher survival rate than boys, that natural process has been dramatically reversed in China by infanticide, gross neglect, maltreatment and malnutrition of females in a culture that regards boys as more desirable – especially when couples get only one chance at parenthood.

Just to put this story in perspective, WHO was documenting what can only be described as the biggest single holocaust in human history – and doing it in a surprisingly clinical and low-key fashion. Nevertheless, it was stunning, breathtaking news, by any standard – and still is. Once again, it shows, centralized, command-and-control government planning has resulted in a slaughter of the innocents. It’s news that cried out for a new word in our vocabulary – “gender-cide.”

Then, in 2015, we found out that the U.N. recognized that some 200 million women and girls were “demographically missing” worldwide.

The Geneva Center for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces said in its “Women in an Insecure World: Violence Against Woman Facts, Figures and Analysis” report that the “euphemism hides one of the most shocking crimes against humanity.”

Reggie Littlejohn, president of Womens Rights Without Frontiers, said, “It’s not going to be going away. It’s going to be getting worse.”

What can you say about such horrific crimes against humanity?

There’s nothing that makes God as angry as child sacrifice – whether it’s to idols in which they were incinerated or when they are done in utero. He has judge nations for less – destroyed them. Who’s next?

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