We don't need China as a trading partner: Let's use USMCA

Consider the United States’ dependence on foreign supply chains and foreign oil. Look at the results of that dependence: Inflation. Loss of independence. Loss of superpower status. Loss of American culture.

The fact is the U.S. does not need trading partners other than Canada and Mexico. Ninety percent of our needs can be accomplished internally (based on a 40-year average), and 90% of the other 10% of America’s needs can be achieved by trading with Canada and Mexico. Therefore, 99% of U.S. needs can be achieved via the Trump-brokered USMCA, the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement. Raw materials, labor, capital and manufacturing can all be provided internally or by USMCA. No trade deficits with China, Germany, Japan or the Saudis are required.

Taking effect July 1, 2020, the USMCA reestablishes “the arsenal of democracy” the globalists dismantled. If the U.S. uses it to its full advantage, America will be the superpower that it was until the Clinton era. Self-sufficient. Independent. Not dependent on foreign manufactured products and components and raw materials (especially oil). Not dependent on foreign supply chains.

Left alone, the world will fall into five trading regions naturally. USMCA, Asia/Russia, the EU, Africa/Middle East and South America. When globalists try to stop the natural evolution of trade to establish a world order, they are causing harm to the USA.

China and Russia have common needs and borders. They naturally will trade with each other more than with any other nations. They have common problems of large land masses, low birth rates, cold, natural impediments and small consumption rates per capita.

Left alone, the natural evolution of government systems and cultures will follow the evolution of economies, as they always have. Economic systems will drive government systems. Each of those five trading regions will have their different cultures and government systems. We are not one world.

Here are some of the natural similarities of these regions:

USMCA = capitalism/democracy/Christianity
EU = socialism-capitalism mix/democracy/mixed bag of religious beliefs
Asia/Russia = controlled economies with communism and authoritarianism/large populations of atheists, Hindus
Africa/Middle East = tribal
South America = mixed bag Catholics

Yes, there are exceptions – such as Japan, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Australia and the Amish in the U.S. – but they are the anomalies, with small populations, not the normal.

The conflicts of today are caused by those oligarchs, politicians and globalists who think that they can change the natural evolution of economies for their personal gains. They attempt to manipulate the masses. They make deals, control the media, control education, control politicians and control governments. This causes pain on the masses as the global elites try to change the natural tides of the economic ocean.

But those control freaks can no more affect the eventual outcome of natural economic and cultural evolution than they can control the climate. They need to get out of the way.

We need to get those control-freak politicians and oligarchs out of the way so that the natural economic evolution will happen. When it comes to such control, less is better.

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