We peasants aren't listening! The elite media's echo chamber

Every week when I set out to write this column, I find something in the news that catches my attention or raises my ire. Yet the ironic thing is – since we have neither a television set nor television reception – I can happily go days without reading the headlines. I usually have better things to do.

You see, I have a bad habit of being involved in our own little world – building up the farm, handling writing deadlines, preparing for winter, etc. Literally billions of people across the globe, collectively known as the peasants, do the same. We have no power over global events, so we focus on the things we DO have power over: Ourselves. Every last one of us is striving to make our income stretch amid the skyrocketing inflation and provide as decent a life as we can for our families.

So it was with some interest that a line from an article about the latest changes at CNN caught my eye.

CNN, for those of us happily living under the proverbial rock, has been shaken by one crisis after another. The latest is when Brian Stelter was fired and his show shut down, even though he still had three more years to go on a seven-figure contract.

The reasons for Stelter’s dismissal are complex and not the subject of this column. What IS the subject of this column is how the peasants viewed Stelter and, by extension, the leftist mainstream media. (Spoiler alert: It involves a great big yawn.)

According to the left-wing rag Vox, “Stelter, who reportedly made close to $1 million a year, was an easy cut: His show, along with his daily media newsletter, was a big deal in media circles … but not a huge draw for normals.”

Ah yes, the “normals.” You know, us peasants. Those of us who are completely oblivious to the brilliance of such leftists as Stelter, or too stupid to appreciate his genius, or some other explanation for why Stelter had to go.

“The statement [about normals] is possibly a mistaken admission of how leftist journalists truly view the world, and their view is stunted,” observes ZeroHedge. “They see their work as vital to the masses because their peers and Twitter buddies see it as vital to the masses. But mainstream journalists are too far detached from the world and reality to make objective judgment calls. They see themselves as the saviors of humanity, but no one else sees them that way.”

In other words, the peasants aren’t paying any attention to CNN’s inflated delusions of grandeur. We’ve got better things to do than listen to some bloviating blowhard’s take on the state of the world.

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Ironically, continues ZeroHedge, “[CNN needs] regular consumers to watch their content, but they look down their noses at regular consumers and see them as untouchable peasants. So, they don’t make content for the peasant, they make content for themselves and their friends. This is not a recipe for a successful media network.”

Since the peasants aren’t willing to cough up the million bucks a year to support Stelter, out he goes.

“CNN is failing,” adds the ZeroHedge article, “because there is an unsustainable audience for their product. In their political zealotry they forgot to take into account the fact that elitism is isolating unless you have force to back it.”

In short, they’re living in an echo chamber. But echo chambers don’t pay the bills.

This subject segues into related articles I saw:

  • Left-Wing Elites Gaslight Americans With Perverse Priorities While Society Crumbles. “Today, America is governed by left-wing elites who are swiftly losing all touch with reality. While the country reels from record-high prices, the worst border crisis in U.S. history, rampant violent crime, and the threat of an increasingly hostile Chinese Communist Party, the laptop liberals running the Democrat Party are worried about climate change and pronouns in the military. … Democrat elites think they know what’s best for the country. They think that they can trick, condescend, and bully their way into achieving their goals. But hardworking men and women have something that is absent in New York, San Francisco, and Washington: common sense. This common sense enables everyday people to see through the insanity being fed to them from on high.”
  • Edgewater, Colorado Bans Open Carry Because The Far Right Are Killers. “In Edgewater, Colorado, the city council voted to ban open carry entirely. All but one of their members voted for the ban because they believe that ‘mass shooters are overwhelmingly far right.’ The council specifically stated, without anything as inconvenient as proof, ‘Overwhelmingly, mass shootings are perpetrated by individuals who are motived by a far-right ideology and white supremacy.'”
  • Tucker Carlson: Things are falling apart very quickly. “You can reach a place in your society where the people in charge – and their lapdogs in the media – become so completely disconnected from the concerns of actual people – become so totally uninterested in the lives of their citizens – that society becomes very volatile … and we are fast approaching that point.”
  • Biden “Transition” Energy Czar Tells Poor People To Buy Solar Panels. “Once again showing how completely out of touch with reality they are, the Biden Administration’s Energy Secretary [Jennifer Granholm] has suggested that Americans facing hardship as the cost of living spirals should buy solar panels. … She then advised lower middle class Americans to take out credit to get solar panels. … The comments come after months of Granholm and other minions touting electric cars, which cost over 60 grand.” Said one critic, “They don’t know how they sound, because everything they read and everyone they know just echo their ideology back at them – except turned up in volume, higher in pitch, and with applause.”

Ah yes, that echo chamber again. The elites wonder why the peasants aren’t listening to their brilliance, and conclude it must be because they’re all white supremacists, ready to gun down innocent people in the street because of their, um, supremacy.

The wisest man in the world once said, “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

Seems to me a lot of the elites have gained the whole world. But what have they lost in the process? I think we know.

For myself, this is one of the reasons I can happily go days without reading the news headlines. Sometimes I just don’t feel like following those who are “gaining the whole world.” It’s too depressing to watch them lose their souls.

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