We the People have lost control – but God has not

If I truly believed that the world we see reported to us by America’s big media “truth tellers” every day, I would indeed be most miserable.

The Daily Mail photo on Joe Biden’s recent message before Congress really does say it all. I especially like the guy sprawled out in the front row, just beneath Beijing Biden. Our “president” must have been a marvel of pharmacological cocktails to remain propped upright and deliver that “address” to the 20% of Congress allowed to attend.

There are now two sides to the coin before us. The “heads” version is that over the course of Trump’s first term as president, an internal war was launched against the entrenched, behind-the-scenes government leadership, called the deep state, and composed of members of the various secret societies that have always plagued the earth. This war was won before Trump left office. The bit players we see before us carrying on as the new administration are doing so in return for avoiding the death penalty for their crimes, or the war itself is not yet wrapped up. Military trials for treason may be ongoing.

The “tails” side of that coin is that Trump’s war on the deep state was repelled, corrupt government goes on, albeit crippled by causalities, and it is up to the military to decide when and how to remove the deep state players and their puppet government. During this pause, the deep state – which also includes big tech, big media, all the civilian intelligence agencies, as well as the richest people in the world and its most corrupt bloodlines (secret societies) – are using the coronavirus pandemic to implement their plan to dominate the world and own humanity. The battle is ongoing and unwon.

Are we losing control? Maybe we never had it.

Missing from either side of this coin is the idea that God is an active player in the events we see before us. He could be involved on behalf of one or the other side described in the existing coin, or may have put his own plans into action under cover of what we see before us now.

Some Christians are very troubled by this view, and others wonder why God waited so long to intervene. What I think is unarguable, however, is that Americans have lost control of their own government.

Even the controlling forces of government at the federal level have lost control. Only 20% of Congress allowed to attend a joint-session address? Seriously? And the other 80% dutifully didn’t show up? If that’s the case, then 80% of our elected House of Representative members have no say in what our government does. They do as they are told. Do you think they are told how to vote, just like when to stay home? Well, perhaps they do represent us: They are told when to stay home and wear a mask, and when they can come out. How did the land of the free become the home of the enslaved? I guess the Constitution was amended by the CDC and the Wuhan-Fauci pandemic.

The reason I am not most miserable in seeing these things is twofold. First, liars lie, and we listen to big media at our peril. Satan, it would appear, is also the god of the mouse-click. Second, although We the People have lost control, God has not.

The Bible is not a collection of stories. It is a cohesive account of God’s dealings with His Creation, the most stunning of which is the man and the women. While mankind temporarily ceded control of the earth to Satan (because we believed a lie), God rectified our mistake at the Cross of Christ.

The idea that God would somehow again let mankind fall under the ownership of Satan and his big tech principalities is an offense against the Cross and Christ. What are we to think that Jesus, who died on the Cross, is going to do? Throw up his hands and say, “Well, I guess I died for nothing”?

God seems to like demonstrating that what is humanly impossible, is eminently doable by Him. The “stories” we teach our kids are really snapshots of the impossible. So why do we doubt that He is ready to do another “impossible” with America, now?

The Disciples’ commission following Jesus’ Resurrection was to the nations. It is us who made it into missionary activities on a personal level.

Yes, we have lost control of our government. But God has not lost control of America. It will accomplish the task that He created it to perform. Satan only has as much power as we give him. Stop listening to the liars, and stop giving them your power.

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