We want Alaska back from U.S., says Russian lawmaker

Denali National Park, Alaska (Image by David Mark from Pixabay)
Denali National Park, Alaska (Image by David Mark from Pixabay)

The Russian state propaganda about President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of and war against Ukraine, where he has ordered the deaths of civilians including women and children, claims it’s an effort to remove “neo-Nazis” from Ukraine.

And the Russian state claims its war is going as planned, despite reports that thousands of Russian soldiers have been killed and the online testimony from some of them that they were conscripted to fight and didn’t want to follow orders.

Now the rhetoric has reached new, heretofore unscaled heights of extremism.

It’s one Russian lawmaker’s demand that the United States will have to give Alaska to Russia as part of the “reparations” that will be required.

According to a report in the Daily Beast, Oleg Matveychev, a member of the Russian parliament “known as the Kremlin’s spin doctor,” said, “We should be thinking about reparations from the damage that was caused by the sanctions and the war itself, because that too costs money and we should get it back.”

He said, “The return of all Russian properties, those of the Russian empire, the Soviet Union and current Russia, which has been seized in the United States, and so on.”

A television host interviewing Matveychev said, “Are you including Alaska and Fort Ross?”

The lawmaker continued, “That was my next point. As well as the Antarctic… We discovered it, so it belongs to us… Also, the return of all medals that have been unlawfully taken from our sportsmen during all Olympic games, as well as the extradition of [Grigory] Rodchenkov, along with the extradition of multiple other criminals we’ll want. I think we should start voicing all of that, so they understand what will be on the table. You didn’t want to talk to us about something small, like Ukraine’s neutrality, here’s what you get. And that’s not even all of it.”

Matveychev said a “nuclear strike” wouldn’t be needed, because, “What for? We can take them down without it.”

He said, “There isn’t a single country in the world that is as easily manipulated as America. Here’s what will be on the table after our victory… After Ukraine’s demilitarization is completed… we’re going to raise the stakes… For example, the lifting of all sanctions… The dissolution of NATO, because the presence of NATO in some countries is getting in our way. Extradition of all war criminals… like [Anton] Herashchenko [former deputy minister at the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs], Zelensky, [former President of Ukraine Petro] Poroshenko. Extradition of various oligarchs, like [Mikhail] Khodorkovsky.”

The report described the conversation as happening in “the surreal world of Russian state television,” where, “Russia is about to prevail in its war against Ukraine.”

The report continued, “In recent days, Russian state television regressed from Orwellian lies to Kafkaesque nightmares, as pundits started to promote the idea of executing Ukrainians resisting Putin’s war of aggression by hanging. They noted that the so-called ‘constitution’ of the rogue ‘republics’ created in Ukraine by Russian forces conveniently allows for the death penalty.”

The Daily Mail charged that “The Kremlin has been flooding the airwaves of its state-run channels with pro-war propaganda that paints a vastly different portrait to reality and shields the Russian people from the horrors of Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine.”

The report explained Russia built a settlement in Alaska in 1784 to trade furs, but sold it all to the U.S. in 1867 for $7.2 million. Russia also established Fort Ross in California in 1812 but sold it off when its resources were depleted and set up outposts in Hawaii in 1812 but was ejected by locals in 1817.

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