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Any article you write referring to Russia needs to be edited. Shame on you for blaming Russia for everything, from civilian casualties to grocery prices. Russia was pushed into this war by Western bullying.

Do you understand that Russia has been spit in the face for eight years by a U.S.-sponsored Ukrainian government? The United States brought this war on the world, but you talk about “Russian aggression”? Watch you mouth.

Normally, I like everything you print, but you are so wrong on this Russia/Ukraine war. Get it right.

Steve Anderson

China = CCP

[Regarding “‘Beat him until he cannot run for election'”] I have to say I’m a bit impressed and surprised the FBI is actively pursuing Chinese government agents in America given the current political hodgepodge of appeasing our enemies.

Speaking of government, they call them agents of the government of the People’s Republic of China.

“In discussing these cases, I want to reiterate that the department remains focused on the actions of the PRC government and its agents – not the Chinese people or those of Chinese descent, who are often the victims of these crimes,” [Assistant Attorney General Matthew] Olsen said.

Isn’t the government of China the Chinese Communist Party?

Who’s afraid of offending the CCP? Olsen, The Daily Caller, or WND?

Myron Blaine

The O’Biden administration

You should watch Barack Obama’s first interview after becoming president of the United States, air on “60 Minutes,” March 22, 2009. He talks about two main points:

He wanted gas to be at $5 per gallon to encourage businesses to invest in alternative energy options, and he wanted there to be a second superpower in the world to offset America, either Russia or China.

Don’t take my word for it. Watch the “60 Minutes” episode, and listen to Obama’s words yourself.

Do you believe that Biden is really running things, or do you believe that Biden is sick and Obama is running things? I believe the second, so when you put Obama’s words that he said on March 22, 2009, with what is happening today, Biden’s actions (or lack of actions) make a lot more sense.


Get lost, WND!

In this email solicitation, WND’s David Kupelian writes, “Americans’ eyes and ears – indeed, the entire world’s – are understandably fixated on Ukraine right now, under brutal invasion and occupation by Russian military forces under the soulless, sociopathic leadership of Vladimir Putin.”

Vladimir Putin is eliminating the Nazi elite cabal in Ukraine. PERIOD. The conflict will be over in a week or two, maybe less. 
The elite Democrats and RINO Republicans are freaking out because their kickback slush fund and bio labs for the NWO Great Reset are being destroyed just like Russia took out the ISIS caliphate in Syria.

You people at WND are the same cabal we’re trying to get rid of. If anything, Putin needs to take out the entire World Economic Forum. Klaus Schwab and his elite f—tards need to be removed from the planet forever!

I hope you people at WND go away. I will NEVER donate to keep your trash going.

I have a ton more detail, but I’m not going to waste my time with you. No. 
1: Ukraine’s borders were NEVER defined, recognized or ratified in 1991. No. 2: We (the USA) funded the genocide there in 2014 – and you said nothing.

Check the date on this story. Now Russia is the bad guy for cleaning up the neo-Nazi mess the Obama administration and U.S. Congress helped initiate?


Richard Rigg

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